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  • IMPOSSIBLE for Trump to Have Cheated

    Published on July 8, 2020

    DEERFIELD BEACH, FL.–Peter Ticktin who went to high school with Donald J. Trump had the following response to the charge by Trump’s niece Mary Trump that her uncle cheated on his SAT score—”phooey!”

    “I know Donald Trump.  I served with Donald at the New York Military Academy when we were both teenagers and he would never in a million years have to cheat on any exam as he was so smart, talented, so destined for leadership,” said Peter Ticktin, who’s  book “What Makes Trump Tick” is due out later this summer.

    Ticktin was referring to a charge by Trump’s niece in her tell-all book set to be published next week that Trump paid a proxy to take the SAT for him, according to The New York Times, which obtained a copy of the book and reported on the passage Tuesday.

    In his upcoming book titled “What Makes Trump Tick,” Ticktin recalls his teenage years severing under Trump who was his commanding officer at the New York Military Academy.

    Amid efforts to stop publications of embarrassing books about Trump, from the so-called tell-all by his niece to his former security advisor’s scorcher, mine will read like a white knight because that’s how we saw Donald Trump.

    “Unlike other books pretending to speak truth to power, which really just try to clobber our President, mine is all true about Donald Trump whom I saw early on destined for power, which he wields intelligently for the good of our great country,” said Ticktin.

    Ticktin’s book titled “What Makes Trump Tick: My Years with Donald Trump from the New York Military Academy to the Present” is being published by Mascot Books and is due out later this summer.


    “I stood behind him then; I stand behind him now when Donald Trump and I were young cadets at New York Military Academy.


    “I got to know Donald in our junior year at the academy, which was my second year, his fourth year, at NYMA.  Then, we were on the soccer team together, and we were in some of the same classes.


    “We really got to know each other well in our senior year, when I was closer to him than any of our classmates.  Ours was a working relationship.  On that first day, the next thing he did was to choose his sergeants and corporals.  I was his first pick, platoon sergeant of the First Platoon.


    “This book is about what makes Donald Trump the guy he is.  At the young age of seventeen, and in subsequent years, I got to know what makes Trump tick, as no other leader of our great country has ever ticked.


    “Now, at this juncture, I find myself a well-known and respected trial lawyer.  In my own sphere, I have done well—though nothing near the terrific success of my former captain.  I am blessed to have a unique perspective of why Donald Trump is the man he turned out to be.


    “These days, on top of my busy trial schedule, I have become a public speaker, particularly on the subject I know so well: the making of Donald Trump.


    “This book is being written to share the facts I know which made Donald Trump the man he is, fearless.”