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  • Improper Posture During Work From Home Can Lead To Irreversible Damage: Dr. Haripriya

    Published on September 7, 2021

    Bengaluru : On the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day 2021, which is celebrated on 8 September every year, and in an effort to create awareness around the various issues that working professionals are facing amid the COVID19 outbreak including strained necks, backs and eyes, Specialist Hospital released an advisory for professionals working from home due to the pandemic on posture ergonomics that needs to be followed to avoid stress injuries.

    “The ongoing pandemic has forced many professionals to work from home, and in many cases, the work environment at home did not match that of the office. What we are seeing today is an increasing number of patients aged between 20 to 45 complaining of neck pain and backache. Work from home culture has changed the way we work today resulting in extended hours of sitting with improper posture. It is very important to check your posture regularly, pay attention to any discomfort and to take breaks regularly. Avoid working from soft surfaces such as sofas that do not have a stable work surface or back support. Ensure that the lower back is supported, shoulders are relaxed, and there is no pressure on your thighs or wrists. It is important not to position the laptop on one’s lap or on a surface that is too low or too high. Awkward postures can lead to muscle strains, pinched nerves and a lot of pain.” Said Dr. Haripriya, HOD Physiotherapy, Specialist Hospital.

    Some tips to prevent wrong ergonomic posture-related injuries include raising the laptop to eye level, keeping a hard pillow on the chair for back support, and simple stretching exercises. Ensure that hands, wrists, and forearms are straight in line and roughly parallel to the floor. Head must be level, forward-facing and balanced in line with the torso. Shoulders should be relaxed with upper arms hanging normally at the side of the body. Elbows must be close to the body and bent at a 90 to 120-degree angle. Feet must be supported by the floor or a footrest. Thighs and hips must be supported and should be parallel to the floor. Knees should be approximately the same height as the hip. Proper lighting also plays an important role in reducing stress on the eyes.

    It is important to seek help from an expert if you feel pain, numbness or tingling sensation in your neck or back persisting beyond a week. Postponing early medical intervention can lead to irreversible damage and can seriously affect the quality of life, mentally, emotionally and socially.


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