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    Improving AGRICULTURE improves LIVES- Harisharan Devgan

    Published on May 4, 2021

    Once in your life, you need a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer, or a preacher. But every day, three times a day, you need a FARMER.

    It is an alarming reality that on average, farmers commits suicide in India due to lack of proper technology, financial investments, etc. Addressing this harsh reality, Mr. Harisharan Devgan realized that this is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportion. The image of the farmer family holds a special place in the heart of Mr. Harisharan Devgan. He had a vested interest in the community and environmental health of the farmers and their families.

    Adoption is arguably the most powerful intervention available for children in foster care who are deprived of elementary education. Mr. Harisharan Devgan adopted the school, named “Love A Life” located in Andhra Pradesh bringing unique knowledge and skills to the social system.

    It is impossible for the farmers who largely live on sustenance to shoulder that even a small disruption in cash flow put them in deep debt. These challenges derailed harvest preparation, but Mr. Harisharan Devgan believes that ” Never doubt a thoughtful, committed citizen who can change the world”. His determination to save the “plight of farmers in dire need” has tremendously uplifted the life of an important section of the community, FARMERS. He is looking to make a real long-lasting difference in this part of the world, a strong community with a high quality of life meaning safer, and healthier lives for you and around you.

    “How many deaths will it take till he knows”

    “The answer is blowing in the wind”

    Being a farmer by Heart and Soul, Mr. Devgan supports small and poor farmers by nourishing them with education and providing bullock carts to those wrenched farmers who cannot afford a tractor in a pose to help those impoverished desperate ranchers who carry a noose of debt around their neck.

    Focusing on farming techniques and water conservation, Mr. Devgan serves as a positive and proactive reinforcement in the form of education and awareness for farmers and their families. He focuses on help farmers learn better produce storage techniques, crop rotation, water irrigation, money management, and understanding their soil health. He epitomizes harnessing the power of organic methods and advanced technologies to empower small-scale farmers. Planning to deploy a strategic approach to farming, Mr. Devgan has been a real guider to use the best agricultural practices that can benefit monetarily and aids in growing eco-friendly crops. His multi-faceted approach has changed the lives of numerous people towards better farming and healthier, educational, and environment-friendly practices.

    In the farms of Maharashtra and Karnataka, implementing his farming techniques and competency, farmers were able to develop manure, Jeevamrut, liquid organic manure and were able to witness an increase in their yields and could use an effective organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers. He had always been on the right path to address the agrarian crisis, working with farmers in a participatory way, developing the least dependent and ecologically healthy organic practices. He implements sustainable horticulture among the poor and marginal farmers through intensive training, education in organic horticultural practices, and methods with indigenous seed varieties.

    Harisharan Devgan’s s commitment to improving farm economics is the culmination of many years of focused collaboration and efforts where he trains and retrains hundreds of thousands of farmers in sustainable practices. Also, securing the next vital generation of farmers by motivating and training young people in the sector to develop as agripreneurs. He had spent several years supporting these promising young talents and spreading regenerative agricultural skills and leveraging this to support the ambition and vision of Agricultural 5.0.