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  • IMTS Institute Career Counsellors Is to Guide the Students Through Their Academic Prospects

    Published on November 19, 2021

    “IMTS is that every student should get accurate information and assistance before they choose that would become a stepping-stone towards their bright future”

    Today in the fast-paced world of digital education, pandemic has brought major disruption in the current educational system. Post pandemic, learning has not stopped though it has accelerated in a more defined manner. Virtual learning environments have been created that impacted the imbibing capacities of the students. Not only virtual learning has flourished and evolved into a new “gig economy”. Keeping this motive in mind, institute of management and technical studies commenced its Journey in 2005 by setting up a career counselling and guidance centre quartered in Noida with a social cause.

    Core belief of IMTS is that every student should get accurate information and assistance before they choose that would become a stepping-stone towards their bright future. Moreover, the professional Distance education counsellors of the Institute do not leave any stone unturned for making this belief a reality.

    Knowledge and guidance with IMTS institute

    Career education and leadership play an essential role in the curriculum that supports: student’s interests, strengths, and aspirations. With multiple career options available in the market, it gives students a tough time in selecting the right course for themselves that would help them nurture in the right direction. In the majority of the cases, either student ends up opting for a course that does not align with their plans or take up a job that varies completely from the path they had pursued.

    Change is the new normal. For this reason, career counsellors must do their work in such a way that their clients become career adaptable and, most importantly, employable. It is vitally important that students acquire those skills that will help them not only survive but rather flourish in times of change.

    Mr Nitin Gupta Both – Directors of IMTS Institute believe in Transparency, Equality, and working ethically in the education sector. His motive is to grant easy access to students to the information related to courses and universities available across. He is a firm believer in the “Right to education” and the right-to-right information so that the students can make progress.

    As a citizen of a country, the first and foremost right that every citizen has the Right to Education. It enables the citizens to be empowered and to see the world through educated eyes. As a citizen of the country, each and every child is entitled to education and this is what the right to education aims to achieve. Here are some statistics which would tell you the condition of the world in terms of education:

    The path of a successful way is not that much ease while you are doing a job. You have to catch the buses, classes to attend and the last studies to complete. In this complicated situation, you need a guide, who can help you in wrapping up all. Because, at this stage, a wrong decision makes your life almost hell. IMTS Institute is that guide for you. We are one of the premier service providers, we provide education counseling to huge students. We totally understand the needs and mentality of the students and accordingly provide the best counseling to the students.

    IMTS institute Noida is helping individuals to opt for Academic and Professional courses. IMTS arranges experts from the corporate to share their experiences with students and helps them in selecting the best of the course. Apart from counselling, IMTS also facilitates individuals from taking admission in the Institute till their results.

    How to get it right

    Is this the correct higher education option for me? This question hovers over the heads of many students due to the current ambiguity and precariousness of the situation.

    This resulted in the wide opening of new career options for the students thus giving access to timely information and the latest developments in the education system. Many educational institutions are providing career counselling to make the students future-ready. No doubt, correct career choices are the need of the hour. One of the key parameters that needs to increase is broadening the perspective of the students. This includes providing of various course and career choices to the students thus making them aware.

    Career counselling also leads to internal introspection and lets the student realise their preferences. The main role of career counsellors is to guide the students through their academic prospects and help them to know their strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to identify the subjects and activities the students enjoy along with one that is being resented. This activity results in the evaluation of the goals and expectations.

    Many educational institutions still believe in the old systems of large inclination towards academic education without considering the opening of various career worlds to the students. For schools, counselling is vital especially after the emergence of many new career options post-pandemic.

    How career counselling helps the student?

    From communication to problem-solving, counsellor handles it all

    Students are engulfed with self-doubt about their career choices and counselling helps them to eliminate those self-doubts. An expert counsellor is the lending ear to all your problems and inhibitions guide you through by setting achievable goals. Always remember, the choices will eventually lead to long term satisfaction in the career. Counsellors provide the students with the latest information and changes in the educational world. Every student in the world has the right to education and career counselling. It gives an advantage of decision making and creating a correct path for oneself. Evaluation of the strength and weaknesses is quintessential for every student and this helps them to choose the path or profession that is suited for them. Technology-wise, our education system is changing and that includes various types of certifications as everything is technology-driven. So, expert counsellors need to conduct various assessments related to the latest technological changes.

    It is said that every teacher in the school must be 10% of the counsellors thus creating scenarios that make students mature in their decision-making skills. Students are offered a wide array of career choices that makes them perplexed, thus counsellors give them a filter of preference helping to increase their confidence and morale-boosting. To choose the best career, always have expert ears to listen and solve the problems effectively and efficiently.


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