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  • Sunday, July, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:25:39
  • Dr. Sunil Kalda, director of Kalda Burn & Plastic Surgery Centre (accredited by NABH Central Government and Chhattisgarh) located near Pachpedhi Naka, Raipur, CG and renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in India, has given new life to many patients.

    Treating patients with extreme physical deformities in nutrition-starved tribal regions has been a key aspect of Dr. Kalda’s life journey. He takes on cases that not only enhance people’s physical well-being but also uplift them emotionally. Survivors gain self-esteem and are empowered to move forward in their lives. His distinctive contribution has significantly improved the lives of those who are less able to help themselves.

    It is notable that for the last 34 years, Dr. Sunil Kalda is the only center carrying out such complicated surgery operations. He further said that so far more than 5000 patients have been treated with the amputated limbs and hands. This type of operation has to be done under a microscope and the patient needs close monitoring. In this each and every subtle vein has to be connected very minutely with each other. If any part is cut off in an accident, then cut off part should be wrapped in polythene along with ice to keep it safe and should be brought to the hospital within six hours. He said that it is not possible to join if the injury is very large. Dr Kalda said that such operations are very rare in the whole country. He is a chairman of IPA (indian podiatry association) Chhattisgarh Chapter to prevent amputation In Diabetic Foot.

    His reimplantation surgeries of amputated limbs have proven to be life-changing for patients who had lost hope of recovery. His continuous efforts against the amputation of diabetic patients’ feet have saved thousands of limbs and lives. Case studies of his findings are provided to educate young and aspiring doctors.

    In the twentieth century, transgender expression became medicalized, and sex reassignment became available. Dr. Kalda has always worked on promoting this community by creating awareness and providing free healthcare and mental health support to empower transgender individuals. He has developed a Reconstructive and Vascular Surgery Facility in the state with 100+ SRS (sex reassign surgery)

    Societal stigma continues to surround gender affirmation surgery. Discrimination, lack of understanding, and prejudice contribute to this stigma, creating additional challenges for those seeking the procedure. Dr. Kalda has been educating society and promoting acceptance to create a supportive environment for transgender individuals within families and communities. One notable example is his patient Veena Sendre, who became the First Miss Trans Queen of India in the Trans Queen Competition 2019.

    Working tirelessly for the past three decades, he has been dedicated to addressing the health challenges of those in need by providing free counselling. His selfless efforts have uplifted the lives of the weaker sections of society. This continued dedication over such a long period of time is a testament to his message of human compassion and care. His selfless commitment to providing free medical services reflects his deep sympathy for people and his passion for his work.

    Emergency care training have been provided through newspaper articles, with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. By devoting significant time to humanity, he has gained popularity not only in the state of Chhattisgarh but all over India.

    His role in serving underprivileged people encompasses a vast canvas. He has treated complex brachial plexus injuries. Even at the age of 63, he remains committed to his work and continues to treat acquired and congenital deformities of the head, skull, face, ear, neck, and jaws through craniofacial surgery.


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