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  • Incredible Kids of India.com – Launched at National NEP Symposium held at NCERT

    Published on September 15, 2021

    Incredible Kids of India.com, a multifarious platform to nurture talent and train the talented and gifted students were launched by NCERT Secretary Major Harsh along with the founder of Incredible India Manbir Singh at NCERT auditorium during National NEP summit organized by Edu talk on 11th Sept 2021 at New Delhi.

    The function was attended by eminent principals, educationalists, and students. Mr. Sahil founder of Rishi University, Mrs. MRINALINI Gopinath, former Research Scientists at CRO Hyderabad were also part of the launch.

    The official Torch was lit by Major Harsh which symbolized the passing of spirit, knowledge and learning to a curious mind. On the occasion of the launch Major Harsh said,  “There is a need of new stars and we need each individual to pass the torch to build these stars”.

    As per the circular issued by CBSE the pedagogical processes are child-centric and focus is on individual achievement and to be recorded in a portfolio. This is an important part of Competency ‘Based Education (CBE) Model which is proposed and portfolio will help to understand the relationship between CBE and Learning Outcomes.

    According to Mr. Manbir Bedi, the founder of Incredible Kids of India.com, “Our platform will give a new dimension to every child’s life during school years and they can now create their achievements dossier absolutely free. The Incredible Kids of India.com platform is a multifarious platform to nurture talent and train the talented and gifted students in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.”

    Mr. Aakash Khandelwal, founder of DPS Amritsar who is also on the advisory board of Incredible kids of india.com said that this platform will be a benchmark for those who engage in their passion. He also added that we are adding a plethora of programs and activities for young learners who will be able to recognize and build their strengths and abilities on this platform.

    When children get involved in activities that they love doing, there are naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior associated with it.  These can be productively used and applied to real-life situations. For example, very good drawing skills are base for dentists or surgeons. Similarly, interest in the craft at a young age may lead to fashion design or interior decorating as a talent later in the teen years of the child.

    NCERT focus had been on Competency based education model and map it with learning outcomes. Incredible Kids of India.com has taken one step further in creating portfolios, which shall felicitate teachers/parents to assess the progress in students learning and recognizing every kid in the country.

    Skills, as they say, are necessary to learn but still there is plenty of room left for interests to grow into passions. “Let’s give children time to pursue a variety of things that come from within their heart”, said Manbir Bedi. He also added that this torch shall move to all the schools to create a massive awareness of the importance of portfolios.

    The platform further provides access to an activity wall, which is age-specific and gives access to various competitions throughout the year. Mr. Manbir Bedi added that they would have two grand functions in a year where kids shall be felicitated that excel in sports, academics, and extracurricular activities. Today, around 20 kids were given gold and silver medals in different fields.

    Incredible Kids of India also plans to work closely with NGOs, social workers, and corporates engaged in the overall development of schools in far-flung corners of the country. Manbir Bedi believes in bringing inclusivity for all the school-going kids who recently got enabled on digital access during Covid times. The expressions of growing kids have gone unnoticed during the lockdown and the platform of Incredible Kids of India will attempt to bridge the deficit of mapping the talent at an appropriate time and age.


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