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  • India Eyes Sky Rocketing Growth in 3G Mobile Market

    Published on August 11, 2010

    As per the  recent research report “Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012”, the number of 3G mobile subscribers will reach around 55 Million by the end of 2013.  The study projects that the 3G market growth will primarily depend on the deployment of 3G services by the telecom operators. We also anticipate that the country will witness substantial amount of investments in 3G deployments and upgradation of the present telecom infrastructure with the finishing of the auction process. Additionally, market for 3G handset will also witness high CAGR of approximately 65% during the forecast period.

    The report provides an in depth analysis of Indian 3G mobile subscribers and the corresponding 3G handset sales. Market for 3G broadband and modem sales is also discussed in the study. The report presents analysis on different strategies adopted by 3G handset manufacturers to increase their market in India. It further discusses the rural population as an integral part of the Indian mobile subscribers. Analysis of the rural/urban divide in terms of 3G mobile subscribers in 2013 with help the client to get an overview of the opportunities in rural Indian market.

    In the  research, the key trends in 3G services and its expected developments are studied. We have also analyzed the entire telecom market of India in terms of Mobile, Internet and Broadband subscribers. Business profiles and the recent strategies of major telecom players for 3G deployment are described in the report. The report has also analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of these players to give the client a complete knowledge about their business.

    This research supplements the past and current information on the Indian 3G market with forecast on various important industry aspects. Beside the consolidated information on the 3G subscribers, the report offers telecom specific information of the country. The report will help clients to analyze the prospective customer base, key players, expected future outlook of Indian 3G Mobile market.


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