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  • India International Convention & Expo Centre (Yashobhoomi) – An Epitome Of Innovation And Sustainability Opens Its Doors To The World

    Published on September 18, 2023

     New Delhi: India is poised to take a giant leap forward on the global stage with the completion of the India International Convention Centre in Dwarka (YashoBhoomi). This monumental project, spanning 225 acres and boasting 1,22,00,000 square feet of built-up area, represents a paradigm shift in architectural design, sustainability, and urban integration. Located in Dwarka, New Delhi, IICC is India’s largest convention and exhibition centre. IICC offers a mixed purpose tourism experience with the best location, convenient transportation, as well as various commercial facilities.

    A Hub for Economic Growth

    Despite India’s sustained economic growth, the exhibition industry has not kept pace with urban development in the capital city. Recognizing the need for a space that catalyzes economic activities and showcases India’s achievements on the international stage, the India International Convention Centre has been conceived as a smart and efficient mixed-use urban development. This visionary project celebrates India’s growth by juxtaposing varied developments, including exhibition, convention, retail, hospitality, offices, and museums, catering to both domestic and international exhibitors.

    Envisioned as a Central Business District (CBD), the design pays homage to Indian culture and tradition while embracing the forward-looking ambitions of the nation. Multiple access points create connectivity with the urban context, seamlessly integrating the project with its surroundings.

    Dikshu Kukreja, Managing Principal, CP Kukreja Architects, the brainchild behind the iconic project says “The architecture and design of IICC or YashoBhoomi is an epitome of innovation and sustainability and showcases India’s design prowess on the International stage as second to none. A first of its kind urban-scale Mixed-Use development, the state-of-the-art Convention Centre, the IICC is now the new international benchmark putting India on the global map” 

    Unprecedented Features

    One of the Largest Convention Centres with a capacity to host 10,000 people at once, this state-of-the-art Convention Centre is Asia’s 2nd largest and the 3rd largest globally. Its revolutionary Indoor Arena is India’s first 20,000-seater indoor arena with a retractable roof will be a world-class venue for various events. Most importantly, the project adheres to Green building principles and aims for IGBC Platinum rating standards, setting new benchmarks in sustainability.

    Urban Integration

    Strategically located adjacent to the International Airport and at the crossroads of Gurgaon and Delhi, the project creates a major Transportation Hub, enhancing public connectivity. Government initiatives foresee this mega-scale urban project as a catalyst for industrial growth in India and a global MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) destination.

    Innovative Architectural Features

    The Convention Centre is crowned with what is poised to be the world’s largest LED Video Wall, specially engineered for this iconic project. The Exhibition Hall features a 4,200-seater auditorium with retractable seats and stage area, serving as a versatile multipurpose space. The sustainable design approach includes waste recycling, efficient waste management, and abundant use of solar energy.

    Promoting Indian Architectural Sensibilities

    The project seamlessly integrates traditional elements such as jaalis, stepped wells, and lotus motifs with contemporary design, creating an architectural masterpiece. Walkability, green boulevards, and water features are central to the landscape design, promoting user interaction and enhancing the micro-climate.

    A Showcase of Sustainability

    This project is set to propel India as a leader in sustainable design practices, showcasing innovation and engineering excellence. It represents a mini-cityscape thriving as an urban biodiversity oasis in the heart of the city.

    The first phase of this visionary project is expected to be inaugurated on 17th September 2023.


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