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    India joins the World to light up Qutub Minar as sign of Unity to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases

    Published on January 29, 2021

    India has joined the world to Light Up Qutub Minar as a sign of unity to combat the Neglected Tropical Diseases. The second annual World NTD Day will be marked on 30th January. The day highlights the global community’s commitment to end the NTD. The diseases cause immeasurable suffering among the world’s most marginalized communities.

    More than 50 landmarks representing 25 nations across the world on Saturday will be lit up to celebrate how far we have come together in beating the NTD. One in five people around the world are affected by NTDs.

    Union Health Ministry said, India is home to the world’s largest absolute burden of at least 11 of these major neglected tropical diseases. These diseases debilitate, disfigure, and can even be fatal to those affected.