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  • India to achieve all-time high Wheat production this year

    Published on February 9, 2011

    The government today said country’s wheat production is estimated to go an all-time high of 81.47 million tonnes while food grains will rise to 232.07 million tonnes in the current year.

    Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said the country will witness record production in wheat, pulses and cotton this year. Announcing the second advance estimate for 2010-11 crop year , Mr Pawar said this extraordinary feat is possible because of the hard efforts put in by the farming community.

    Lauding the cultivators, the minister said wheat output in the previous year was also high at 80.8 million tonnes in the 2009-10 crop year. He said rice output is also projected to surge to 94.01 million tonnes against 89.09 million tonnes during last crop year.

    Encouraged by bumper production estimates this year, Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar today favoured export of certain commodities like non-basmati rice, sugar and onion to protect the interests of the farming community.

    Citing onion case as an example, Pawar said farmers, who are crying over crashing onion prices, should be helped to recover at least their cultivation cost. He said that if limited export is allowed ,it may resolve the farmers problem. Pawar pointed out that the onion output will be sufficient to meet the country’s requirement.

    Sharing sugarcane growers’ concerns on falling prices amid expected higher sugar output exceeding demand this year, Pawar said there are apprehensions that cane arrears might rise.

    When asked whether the government will permit sugar export, he said, it is for Commerce Ministry and others to assess the situation. He added that the international market is favourable for sugar export, fetching one very good price. On milk prices, Pawar said that the government has decided to import 25,000 tonnes of milk powder to augment domestic supply and contain prices.


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