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India to host Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023 to champion the rights of street children worldwide

Organised by Street Child United and Save the Children India, the Street Child Cricket World Cup 2023 aims to make the ‘Invisibles’ Visible

Save the Children, India (Bal Raksha Bharat) and Street Child United will welcome 22 teams from 16 countries to India next year for the Street Child Cricket World Cup (SCCWC 2023) Taking place in September ahead of the ICC World Cup, the unique ten day event will see street-connected children & young people take part in a mixed-gender cricket tournament, a festival of arts and a congress to champion the rights of street children worldwide.

The SCCWC 2023 will be the second edition of the tournament following the success of the inaugural event in London/Cambridge 2019, where eight teams competed, and Team India South emerged victorious after beating hosts England in a highly competitive final.

The winners will return in 2023 to defend their title alongside seven other teams from India who will represent organisations from across different regions of the country. They will be joined by teams from: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, England, Hungary, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

However, the objective of the SCCWC is much more than just a cricket tournament. It is a global platform that gives street children an opportunity to connect, share their experiences and present their demands of human rights to the world: the right to identity, the right to access education, the right to protection from violence, the right to access health care and other fundamental rights that the world’s estimated 150 million street children are often deprived of.

The event will have a central focus on ‘identity’ and the access to services that come with a formal ID and/or birth registration.

Speaking about the goals of the Street Child Cricket World Cup, Street Child United’s founder and CEO John Wroe said, “The SCCWC will be a catalyst for One Million Young People globally receiving identity for the very first time. This is our legacy challenge for the 2nd SCCWC. It will be achieved because the whole world will conspire with us. The whole world will get on the side of street children. And finally, those that are often put last, will be put FIRST. We are delighted to be working alongside our in-country partners, Save the Children India. This is a unique event that can show the world how cricket is helping give street children a voice to challenge the negative perceptions they face. We are extremely excited to be working alongside Save the Children India to deliver the SCCWC 2022. This a unique event that can show the world how cricket is helping give street children a voice to challenge the negative perceptions associated with their situation. It is a universal call for governments to ensure that street children everywhere are better protected, and granted access to basic services that so many of us take for granted.

Sudarshan Suchi, CEO, Save the Children, India commented, “Every child deserves an identity, and thus we are committed to make the ‘Invisibles’ visible and bring them into the mainstream. The idea of sports, and in that cricket becoming the pivot, is an opportunity we are excited about as we host the Street Child Cricket World Cup here in India and show the world what a powerful vehicle sport in general and cricket in particular can be in helping drive the change we want to create for these young people.”

In addition to the partnership between Street Child United and Save the Children the SCCWC 2023 will be a collaboration of efforts with a number of other supporting organisations and individuals including the World Bank, ICC and the British High Commission.

The British Deputy High Commissioner Chennai, Oliver Ballhatchet has been integral to the SCCWC organising committee and looking forward to welcoming the SCCWC 2023 to Chennai next year says, “When you learn about the work done by the incredible organisations participating in the SCCWC it’s impossible not to be part of the journey to help create positive change in these young people’s lives. We have a platform, we have an opportunity and together we’re going to show the world that cricket is more than just a game.”

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