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  • Indian Army uniforms will change! Prime Minister Modi finalised the sample review. New uniforms, new identities to be held in the next year.

    Published on December 14, 2020

    by Bhupen Goswami

    Guwahati : With Chinese assistance in India, insurgency outfits are doing their best to spread the disturbed. It is being disturbed by the Government of India that the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Defence are suffering. Talking to the reporter, a senior officer of the Indian Army’s 4 Corps Gajraj headquarters at Tezpur said that militant outfits are misleading the people by wearing uniforms like the Indian Army.

    Thereafter, the intelligence agency has suggested to the Government of India that the Indian Army, which has 8 uniforms, will have to change slightly. After the report of the Indian intelligence agency, Prime Minister security advisor Ajit Doval started a number of sample tests for the new uniform. Now the process of change in the uniform of the Indian Army has intensified. The sample review was being done for this.

    The official, along with the correspondent, said that the Indian Army uniform will soon change. Prime Minister Modi has already finalised the sample review. Indian Army to create new uniforms, new identities in next year. According to the information received, some samples were invited from the industry to make the uniform more comfortable and smart, which has been completed these days. The purpose of the change in uniform is to make it more comfortable and smart and to bring uniformity in the uniforms of officers. Looking at the uniforms of the high-post officers, they do not know which regiment or which arms division they belong to. In addition, the entire army looks alike. According to reports, samples were sought from the industry for change in uniforms which have been received and are being reviewed. According to sources, the army’s summer-winter uniforms, including ceremonies and mess uniforms, can also be changed. In fact, the review is also being checked with uniform fabrics and designs as well as its comfort level.

    The Prime Minister has finalised the same after reaching all the samples from the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Home Affairs. According to sources, the Indian Army will have a new uniform and new identity in the next years, the uniform will have bullet proof and there will be no impact in winter or heat. Let us say that the process of change in uniform was started last year when Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat was there. A senior officer of the 4 Corps headquarters at Tezpur in the Indian Army said that it is the standard area uniform of the Indian Army. The disruptive pattern of the uniform has a forest camouflage pattern and hence, it is also called a “jungle dress”. In winter, a sweater or jacket is worn over it. This dress is embroidered on rank flaps and is not worn normal metal rank. An army man is uniquely identified by three things of civilians – their haircut, the way they carry themselves and the way they wear clothes. The Indian Army is an organisation where every man is a potential leader. And it reflects very well the way they carry themselves and wear clothes. But these clothes, these uniforms come at a price. The Indian Army has 8 types of uniforms.

    The Indian Army uniforms have been changed three times in the first three times. For the first time, there was a change in uniform so that there was a difference between the army of India and Pakistan. For the second time, the uniform was converted in the year 1980 and was called a combat dress. However, it was changed again because the uniform made of polyester was quite uncomfortable in the summer season and the third time the uniform was changed to 2005. So that the border Security Force (BSF) and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) appear to be different and now the information about the change in uniform is coming out for the fourth time.


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