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  • Indian Embassy in Ukraine advises its citizens to use nearby railway stations to reach Western regions

    Published on February 27, 2022

    India has said that its citizens are being evacuated from Ukraine through Romania and Hungary. In its advisory, Indian Embassy in Ukraine said that it is continuously exploring and working to open up more borders with neighbouring countries for Indian citizens.

    It said, as and when curfew is lifted, and there is considerable movement of people in their respective neighborhoods, Indian Nationals are advised to use nearby railway stations for movement out of regions of active conflict and proceed towards the Western regions. It added that the transportation mode of Railways is operational and safer and if tickets are available on regular trains and they may be booked. 

    In addition, Ukrainian Railways is also operating special trains for evacuation of people free of charge, on first come first serve basis at the Railway Station and for which tickets are not required. The schedule of trains can be seen at the website  www.uz.gov.ua and people are also advised to check the Digital Boards at Railways Stations because they are the most updated and trustworthy. In addition, announcements are being made at Railway Stations on real basis. Indian Embassy in Ukraine has also advised the Indian Nationals to travel in groups, and in case of individuals, they are advised to identify other fellow Indian Nationals and travel together with them. Preference at railway stations is being given to children, women and elderly.

    Embassy of India in Ukraine said, it is closely monitoring the developing situation, especially in Eastern regions of Ukraine  and in constant touch with the authorities, requesting the safety of Indian citizens.


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