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  • Indian influencer based in the UK, Esha Dhingra gives us many reasons to follow her on Instagram

    Published on December 3, 2021

    The way you carry yourself not just highlights your personality, but also gives a glimpse of where you come from. In other words, your behaviour towards the world gives a better understanding of your upbringing. India is home to diversified cultures and traditions. That is perhaps the beauty of the country which celebrates every traditional value on a global scale. Taking the Indian culture to the West, Esha Dhingra is setting an example with her work ethos and of course the values she has been imbibing all these years.

    She is a social media influencer and a proud mother based in London. Esha moved to the UK with her husband a couple of years ago, and the transition from one country to another country was a daunting task. Interestingly, Esha is working in the IT sector for quite a long time and is associated with one of the leading IT companies. It was her passion for content creation that gave Esha wings to fly high in the world of social media. Amidst the competitiveness in the market, Esha Dhingra has created a niche by breaking stereotypes set by society. 

    Whether it is about fashion, lifestyle or giving lessons about core family values, she has influenced everyone with simple yet relatable content. Despite being away from the home country, Esha and her husband Anup have raised their son Arjun by instilling the right family values. “We have always stuck to our roots. I believe that it is important for my child to know about the Indian rituals and values even after staying abroad. We celebrate every Indian festival with enthusiasm, and my idea is to bring Indian fervour to an international level.

    Here are some of the posts by Esha Dhingra celebrating the Indian-ness in the UK:



    The influencer furthermore stated that she wants to impart knowledge to Arjun about Indian culture and its rich heritage. Apart from celebrating festivals, Esha Dhingra is ensuring that her son is raised in an environment where he gets to understand Indian culture closely. “Performing pooja at home, touching the feet of elderly people and being kind to everyone are a few etiquettes Arjun is learning staying in a happening city like London”, added Esha.

    Moreover, in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Esha Dhingra went on to say that family values have become important than ever. While signing off, the influencer revealed that in these tough times of lockdown, she has strengthened her family bonding. “It is important to spend time with your loved ones as we all are going through an uncertain phase of life”, she concluded.