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  • Indian Railways to give full refund for cancelled trains

    Published on March 28, 2020

    Indian Railways will give full refund for all tickets for journey period from 21st March to 14th April. The decision has been taken due to cancellation of trains and tickets booking facility till 14th April to contain the spread of COVID-19.

    For tickets cancelled prior to 27th of this month, passenger need to file Ticket Deposit Receipt with journey details by filling a form upto 21st June to avail balance refund amount. Railways shall provide a utility through which the passenger can avail refund of balance amount deducted during cancellation of such tickets.

    In case of e tickets, balance refund amount shall be credited to the account of the passenger from which tickets was booked for tickets tickets cancelled prior to 27th March.

    For tickets cancelled after 27th of March, full refund shall be payable in respect of all such cancellation.