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IndianMoney appoints Debleena Majumdar as Chief Content Officer

Noted author and storyteller, Debleena Majumdar, has been appointed as the Chief Content Officer at IndianMoney.com, India’s largest livelihood education platform. She has rich experience in Finance and in Education with over 20 years in leadership roles across many global companies.  She is the bestselling author of a crime fiction novel called A Marketplace for Murder and non-fiction book titled Sabu, which is slated for a digital adaptation soon.

Debleena has previously co-founded her own firm to focus on storytelling, to simplify strategy. She has conducted multiple well received workshops on data storytelling for global companies. She has advised many high-growth start-ups on storytelling led strategy. Apart from this, she has also helped build story-based education products and curriculums.

Speaking on the new appointment, C S Sudheer, Founder and CEO of IndianMoney.com stated, “We are at an exciting juncture of our growth with FFreedom App. As we scale further, we are very happy to welcome Debleena. With her extensive expertise in data and in storytelling, she brings in a unique insight that can guide our teams in developing the most relevant content for our learners, while bringing in creative aspects of storytelling as well, to enhance engagement and value.”

Debleena Majumdar, Chief Content Officer at IndianMoney added, “Having worked extensively across Education and Finance, one of my biggest realizations is that the knowledge of personal finance along with the ability to get the right skills to enable everyone to earn dignified livelihoods is an urgent need. I am excited to join the team’s inspiring mission in enabling that for millions of Indians, by bringing in my experience across building engaging products and authentic stories.”

Debleena added that the knowledge of personal finance is needed right from childhood and yet this is missing from most education curriculums. To address this, my next book is a children’s book, introducing them to Finance, using storytelling.

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