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  • Indians are turning to online gambling as casinos shuts down

    Published on April 6, 2020

    It has been a turbulent couple of months for many industries and companies around the world. This is as a result of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic that has held the world by its jaw. Since the breakout, there has been a significant decline in a lot of industries, including land-based casinos. The spread of this deadly disease has led many governments of the world to declare lockdowns that have kept people in their homes indefinitely. Consequently, the number of people who are able to play at Llnd-based keeps reducing rapidly.

    Macau, regarded as one of the largest gambling spots in the world, has closed all land-based casinos since February 5 as a precautionary measure. Same as Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Oregon, which has closed its doors since March 3.

    Several gambling operators in India are taking the hits as well. Delta Corp, who operates the biggest Land-based Casinos in Goa, Sikkim, and Nepal is having one of the roughest periods. The Deltin Denzong Casino in Sikkim has been closed till April 14, and three floating casinos and land-based gaming venues have also been shut down.

    Closure of land-based casinos is rapidly moving players to online casino websites. This is the safest alternative for casino players in India who can’t get out of their houses to play at land-based centers. For instance, Delta Corp is now counting on their various online gaming portals to make up for the losses being incurred from the land-based casinos. And this seems to be working out well so far. Their recently acquired online poker site has seen an 18th growth and 12% increase in daily active players since the pandemic outbreak. The figures and statistics are also the same for their purchased rummy and online fantasy sports site.

    Invariably, the online gambling terrain in India will witness a tremendous growth in coming weeks as Indian gamblers will continue to flood them in large numbers. Stats put the current gambling market in India at a worth 62B Rupees last year, and this is proposed to reach as much as 250B Rupees as at 2024. For now, it is hard to say how long the outbreak will last, and what its attendant social and economic effects will be. But then, the only option open to Indian players, and other gamblers around the world is to patronize online casino platforms, such as Mychance.

    In retrospect, players at this time can enjoy the significant benefits of online casinos where they can easily access popular games from top rated casinos and game developers. Players can enjoy play-gaming platforms where they don’t even need to download any software to play.

    Online casinos can be accessed 24/7 from Smartphones, Tablet, and PC. You also have the leverage of choosing games and casino operators that give you the best bonuses, RTP’s and payout advantages. Therefore, even though the pandemic outbreak is unfortunate and highly disconcerting, this may be a period of major turn-around for online casinos.




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