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  • Indians rank 1st in finding best value hotel deals domestically

    Published on November 12, 2013

    According to the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) report by Hotels.com, while travelling domestically, Indians paid INR 4,950 making them the nationality seeking the best value at home. While travelling abroad the average room price paid by Indian travelers was INR 8,216, placing them in the top 20 list of biggest spenders abroad.

    Top Spenders At Home:

    Travelers from Switzerland paid the highest with INR 11,430 for a night while traveling domestically, followed by Norway at INR 10,438 and Singapore at INR 10,150. The Australians were in fourth place at INR 9,401 and there was one more Asian nation in the Top 10 table, with travelers from Hong Kong at No 7 on INR 7,854 on average.

    The Brazilians were at number 8 on INR 7,818, making them the most generous domestic travelers in Latin America. There were two nationalities from Scandinavia in the Top 10 with Sweden and Denmark at position 5 and position 6 at average room rates of INR 9,235 and INR 8,481 respectively.

    Top Spenders Abroad:

    Travelers from Switzerland paid the most when travelling overseas with an average of 9,833, followed by the Norwegians in second place at INR 9,610, the USA in third at INR 9,605 and Japan in fourth place at INR 9,580.

    Two APAC nations are featured in the Top 10, with the Australians bagging number 5 on INR 9,486 and the Chinese at No 8 on INR 9,253. Latin America was represented by Brazil at No 6 and Argentina at No 7, paying on average INR 9,465 and INR 9,347 respectively.

    On the other hand, travelers from Netherlands bag the number one spot with an average spend of INR 7,441 making them the biggest saving nationality when traveling abroad.