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  • India’s biggest Realty Convention “11th NAR INDIA Convention” – “Game Changers” kicked off today in the city at HICC

    Published on August 24, 2019

    Hyderabad: Game Changers, two day India’s biggest Realty NAR India Convention began Saturday morning here in the city at HICC. It will conclude on Sunday evening.

    The theme of the convention is the “Game Changers”. The Game Changers is for anyone who has an intention to explore, understand and grow in the Real Estate industry.

    It is the largest congregation of India’s best Realtors(Real Estate Brokers) and Industry leaders informed    Mr. Sumanth Reddy Arani, President Elect, NAR INDIA 2019-20,   President–Hyderabad Realtors Association.

    The real estate broker is probably the world’s second oldest profession.  The earliest broker existed back at Harappa and Mohenjodaro in 2600-1900 B.C said and Mr. Samir Arora, Co Chairman Convention

    The objective of this mega convention is to streamline and promote the profession of real estate and real estate brokerage in India so that we achieve transparency, accountability, fair dealing and ethical practices for overall good governance in the industry. The objective is also to promote ethical and standard business practices in real estate consulting.

    The India’s largest realty convention is being hosted by Hyderabad Realtors Association (HRA), together with Confederation of Real Estate Associates (CREA(I), the National Association of Realtors-India (NAR-INDIA), and  the knowledge and industry partners Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad and The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, NICMAR Hyderabad.

    Mr. Mohammed Asif Iqbal an Associate Director, PWC India, a multinational professional services network, the second largest professional services firm in the world and is one of the Big Four auditors was  one of the chief guests and delivered keynote address.

    Mr. Mohammed Asif Iqbal is a visually challenged person who is currently working as Associate Director at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) and uses technology efficiently to make tough jobs seem like child’s play. He will deliver keynote address to motivate the delegates and demonstrate that “Nothing is impossible” is just not a quote but a possibility. He is designed and implimented social inclusion strategy enabling Aadhaar enrollment for marginalize groups such as disabled residents, leprosy affected residents, homeless, migrant labours in India for UIDAI. He chanced upon to meet Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi sometime ago and discussed with PM the efforts of the government in introducing universal access to infrastructure, services and opportunities for the differently abled in India.

    He is the first Indian visually impaired to get a Management of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in 2005.

    My goal this year is to run 21 kms Marathon without anybody holding my had.  I already ran 10kms in over a dozen Marathons this year he informed. I am doing this to keep myself fit because I suffered with Hyper Tension sometime ago, he informed. The Real Game Changer got a standing ovation for his accomplishments.

    Sujatha Burla, a wheel chair ridden anchor who is also a game changer shared her turmoil, trouble and achievements. Despite of being confined to wheel chair for the last twenty years, she is making fortunes as a stock broker and doing a turnover of Rs 3crore annually announced the anchor. I turned my accident into opportunity and I am now financially independent and very successful she shared.

    BVR Mohan Reddy, Former NASSCOM Chairman spoke on “Go above & Beyond-The Making of an entrepreneur. He told Realtors and enlightened them about technologies for Realtors.

    Among other dignitaries who graced include : Mr. Ravi Varma, Chairman NAR India; Mr. Irshad Ahmed, President NAR India; Mr. Sumanth Reddy Arani, President Elect, NAR INDIA 2019-20,   President–Hyderabad Realtors Association; Mr. Shailender Singh, Chairman Convention and  Mr. Samir Arora, Co Chairman Convention

    Some one asked a Realtor why he is proud of being a Realtor? He smiled and said “ A Lawyer’s income increases with increase in crime and litigation. A Doctor’s income increases with increase in diseases and illness. But, a Realtor’s income increases with increase in Prosperity of people. That why we feel proud of our profession, he informed Irshad Ahmed, the President of NAR India.

     Speaking on the occasion Ravi Varma, Chairman of NAR India said, Real Estate is a key pillar of the National Economy and a significant contributor to the GDP of our country.  It is also the second largest employer supporting more than 250 dependent industries.  NAR India comprised of Realty professional is recognised by the Government of India as a nodal body representing all real estate consultants in the country, he said.

    We are on the advisory council of the RERA Act added Shailendra Singh, Conference Chairman.  We are a major trade organization in the country, he added.

    Ravi further added that Realtor and Real Estate Industry contributes 17 to 18% to the GDP. Government should give us attention. We are also the second largest employer.

    We have reached a stage that Realtors needs have to be protected through legislation, he appealed to the government.

    The convention brings realtors, developers, investors, and other stakeholders in the real estate industry, from India and around the world together to interact, learn and create meaningful business connections with each other.

    1500 delegates from across India and Abroad are participating in the event. Largest contingent of 200 plus Realtors from Bangalore alone are participating. It is the Bangalore developers contributed to the commercial office space growth of Hyderabad.  The cities Bangalroe and Hyderabad complement each other. The Bangaluru developers brought the large communities and high-rise aparement concepts to Hyderabad in the mid-size segment apartments.

    Sanjeev Kapoor the celebrity chef, entrepreneur and television personality and the host of longest-running show of its kind in Asia Khana Khazana;  Mr.BVR Mohan Reddy, Chairman of Cyient spoke on the day one. They are some of the speakers amongst 30 odd speakers to be present and deliver power packed 15 to 18 sessions at this convention in two days out together.

    Collaboration with competition is the best collaboration said Sameer Arora, CO Chairman while welcoming the gathering.

    Realty is perceived as the male dominated area, breaking that, five women realty professionals—Alpana Sanjay Agarwal, Pradnya Sabnis, Mamatha Kovvuru, Priya Sridhar are also participate

    NAR- INDIA the umbrella organization is a national professional body of Realtors.  It has over 3,200 Organization/ 30,000 plus Realtors/ Consultants as its members, with 44 Associations, spread across 38 cities and 16 States.  Over the decade NAR India has transformed the way Realtor Professional is perceived in India.

    NAR-INDIA is the umbrella organization to over 44 member associations and 20,000+ realtors in the country

    NAR-INDIA has over 30,000 members and 48 chapters across India. It is the top representative body and advocacy group for those in the Real Estate Transaction Advisory.  Formed in the year 2008, over the period of last one decade, it has transformed the way Realtor Professional is perceived in India.

    NAR-INDIA strongly believes in the strength of relationships and continues to maintain numerous international affiliations such as NAR, AMPI, AREAA, IEA and AEGI to help its’ members network globally.

    The professional brokerage business in India has grown up on leaps and bounds in the recent past.  The Realtor Profession as a profession has arrived and grown on fast strides. Today it gets all the respect and value that it truly deserves adds Shailender.

    The role of Realtors, i.e brokers cannot be undermined.  A large portion, nearly 80 per cent or even more real estate transactions happen in India with the involvement of brokers.  Realty professionals are instrumental in the cycle of property buying and selling.  Realtors are dream fulfillers of people. They help people realize their dreams.

    Real estate in India – a sector that has contributed much to the country’s economic and industrial development – is in urgent need of reform. This was the realization that launched NAR-INDIA, the credible voice of realtors in India. Realtors are no longer confined to the sidelines of the real estate sector. They are the real protagonists who advise, inform, connect, negotiate and keep the market going. NAR-INDIA aims to enlighten Indian realtors and train them to imbibe and adhere to international best practices, thus inspiring investor confidence. Realtor’s fraternity is too huge in this country.  Hyderabad alone has 3000 to 4000 realtors.  The profession all over the world is several hundred years old.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) USA a North American trade association has over 1.1 million members.

    Today many big-time property developers regard Realtors as their potential business associates.

    Ours is the noblest profession says D. Sreedhar Reddy, Founder of APRA in the year 2008 who subsequently went on to become NAR India’s national president. “Realtors is the only profession, where our consultancy fee is charged only after the successful completion of the deal”, he says