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  • India’s first Health & Lifestyle Dating app: Samphion – #MatchThatMatters is live on Google Play store

    Published on June 7, 2021

    Samphie – that is right, that is what you call a match made on Samphion. Samphion is India’s first health and lifestyle dating brand. A brand unique in its own way, a brand that connects people who are into living a fit and healthy lifestyle. With its grand launch on Monday, 7th June 2021, Samphion – Match That Matters is going to take the dating application market by the storm. Where there are other dating applications in market like tinder and bumble but what makes Samphion stand out from the rest is that it helps connect people who love their health and lifestyle, where people connect over in just two clicks exploring the profiles in 16 different categories of health and lifestyle.

    There has been plenty of hand wringing and gnashing of teeth that how dating could be reinvented where maybe it can be in a social distant way or even better the virtual reality way where its just a toon of yours that helps you connect with your person? But what if its all about the health and lifestyle way this time. Dating at Samphion is cool, fun, exciting, safe and at the same time private. An application where users can curate their health and lifestyle profile. For instance, a user says hey wanna listen to some music and sweat it all out while doing Zumba, join me in. The profile can be best described in any which way you want with the desired description and photographs its all in your hand.

    Well, another interesting fact to note about Samphion is that when both the users like each other, they get matched and they can start chatting. Similarly, when one user sends a “like”, the other user sends a “Super like” – Samphie they get matched, and they can start chatting. Samphion finds you dates in various categories, all you just need to focus is on is the three simple steps – curating their profile, exploring, and then networking.

    Samphion also focuses on the safety and security of its users. It doesn’t allow any screenshots, incentivizes users for adhering to safety standards also users who sign up by using their phone numbers have higher chances of getting verified. It also verifies its users with verified tag and Samphionister tag. The 16 health and lifestyle categories that Samphion deals with are Meditation, Green Living, Conscious Diet, Walking, Exercise, Fitness, Skincare, Yogasana, 5 A.M. Club, Mindfulness, Swimming, Dancing, Zumba, Hiking, Music and Fashion. Well, that sounds interesting, isn’t it? Because having a fitness and lifestyle filled application is surely one would want to try and gain the all-new experience when all we now have to do is take care of self. Isn’t that making you excited to see what the Samphion would have to offer to us once it comes into the market. Well, we surely are super excited to explore the app for a new experience and have a rendezvous in a new and exciting way. So, save the date and remember to install the application into your phones to have an all new and different experience all together with the first ever health and lifestyle dating application in India.

    Dating@Samphion = Cool + Fun + Exciting + Safe + Private

    Currently Samphion is available for download on Google Play store but very soon they are going to go live on IOS platforms as well!

    Download Now:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samphion


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