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India’s first video-biodata matrimonial site “Dil Ke Rishte” launched

Hyderabad : In these times when Internet has become a double-edged sword, and when there is a negative narrative to every positive aspect, we need a trust-worthy partner who can be the right guide to ensure we are on the right path, and take only the right decisions in most important matters related to our lives!

There have been numerous instances when couples who meet online via dating and matrimony sites, feel cheated and had to undergo great heartburn and loss of dignity. Lack of detailed understanding of the partner is often the reason for such situations; and “Dil Ke Rishte”, India’s first video-biodata matrimonial site has arrived to bridge this gap.

Promoted by Adidev Entertainment Private Limited, the country’s first-of-its-kind matrimonial site ‘Dil Ke Rishte’ was launched in Hyderabad today. With internet penetration on the rise, combined with low cost mobile data and cheaper cell phone instrument, people are searching their life partners on the go. And to cater to these changing times and needs, Dil Ke Rishte has launched the unique video-biodata matrimonial profiles, which helps connect the two individuals and families better.

Commenting on the launch of its services, Mr. Suresh Nair, Founder, Dil Ke Rishte said, “Approximately 43 million users use matrimonial services to find their soulmate which is nearly 11% of the total internet users, as per KPMG & Google reports. The national average of matrimonial sites is that nearly 69% males and 31% females use matrimonial sites to find their perfect life partner; while in Metro cities the numbers are approximately 60% males and 40% females. Out of the total marriages, almost 6% are via matrimonial sites, thus proving that there is huge potential for our business.

Highlighting the objectives of the portal, he added, “Major goal is to restore the concept of Adam & Eve where both individuals will have liberty to choose their partners with least external influences. The process to register on ‘Dilkerishte.com’ is quite simple. One can upload a recorded video through a web or mobile cam or can opt for professional services, wherein a short video is made based on the profile of the person. The video later goes through the screening process and finally gets uploaded.

The unique attributes of Dilkerishte.com are, video calling without disclosing numbers, time-bound profile link sharing, online kundli and horoscope matching to check the compatibility between partners, etc. The portal brings new dimension in searching a partner online as one can witness the live personality of the alliance. Many a times people don’t trust whom they meet online and this way they will be able to meet the real person hassle-free. With advancements in technology, Dilkerishte.com plans to bridge the gap with innovative features like strict privacy policies and secured chats to respect the privacy of users and lastly the user has full control of what he/she wishes to disclose.

Approximately 60% of total volume of online matrimony is from south and hence Dil Ke Rishte thought that Hyderabad is the best place to begin. The density of population is high, acceptability ratio towards new product; education and tech friendliness are some of the driving factors of this city. In the next two months, company plans to spread wings in other southern states.

In the first year, Dilkerishte.com foresees approximately 30,000 registered profiles, be it paid or free. To further broaden the concept, Dil Ke Rishte is offering area wise franchisees in Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Dil Ke Rishte is eyeing for 10-11 franchises in the twin states. These franchises will cater to offline services as well as the professional studio services for the video-based profiles.

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