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  • India’s Largest Women Health Checkup Camp Organized on International Women’s Day 2021

    Published on March 7, 2021

    New Delhi – Women in India face serious health concerns which ultimately affects the progress of the nation. But due to hesitation and lack of awareness, a lot of women do not go to the doctor. This ignorance makes their diseases more vulnerable putting their health problems under the category of incurable diseases. Keeping this in mind, the biggest Women Health Checkup Camp was organized on International Women’s Day 2021 across India in which around 700 Ayurvedic doctors participated. Organized by HempStreet & other supporting partners KAGOF, Chaaon & NASYA, the event was registered as World’s largest health checkup camp in the International Book of Records.

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shrey Jain, Co-Founder, HempStreet, said, “HempStreet has taken this initiative to be compassionate towards the women in our country and especially those for whom good health still seems to be a distant dream. This effort has been undertaken to challenge the mental conditioning of our society and make women health a priority for all. We #choosetochallenge the ignorance of women health and bring it to the light with our little efforts of awareness by starting with Women’s Health Camp. Our team of Ayurvedic health care professionals has been a part of promoting women health through an outreach program for women that aims to focus at different aspects of health.”

    The women Checkup Camp was organized at 700 different places across the country on 6th March, 2021. In view of the Covid pandemic, special attention was given to social distancing and cleanliness in the camp. Only 15 patients were given a predetermined appointment at a time and were addressed at a fixed time interval. In this campaign to spread public awareness towards Women health, Ayurveda doctors from all over the country are giving their support and till now around 700 doctors have registered themselves to give medical advice in this camp. Participating Doctors will also be given a certificate of participation later.