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  • INDIA’s Leading Professional Institution – FINPLAN helps you to pursue a Professional Role at Global Level

    Published on October 11, 2021

    New Delhi: We all can agree that the current formal education lack’s the experiential / practical learning value which is the key to succeed in the dynamic competitive environment filled with global businesses.

    After higher secondary education (HSC) in commerce, as a general norm; one goes to pursue undergraduate degree programs such as B.Com, BBA, BAF, BMS, BFM and similar to learn more about a specific field with an expectation to kick start their career in the marketplace.

    However, post their graduation in the majority of cases, students end up compromising their career by joining low income based jobs and positions at executive or junior level designations and struggling hard enough to pursue career growth.  This is due to the lack of conceptual and professional skills, which are not embedded in the decades-old curriculum and syllabus which needs to be in-line with the Industry standards.

    As the marketplace gets more competitive each day, employers want to hire the most competent individuals for their organizations. Hence, the only way remains is to upgrade our skills by opting for the industry-based qualification, which increases our chances of becoming a part of our dream company without settling early on in our careers. A further problem arises when one is unable to find suitable global qualifications in our native land. Hence we start pondering upon the idea of overseas learning, which is an expensive task.

    Finplan is one such INDIA largest Institution that provides Professional education backed with Global recognition through its accreditation with global academic bodies such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), IRM (Institute of Risk Management), and University partnerships. Founded in 2011, Finplan has the successful history of transforming more than 3000 students into Qualified Skilled Professionals (QSPs) pursuing globally recognized professional qualifications such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), i-B.com (B.Com in International Accounting), BIE (Bachelors in Entrepreneurship) and Bsc. In Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. The Institute aims to channelize the students in the ideal direction where they can specialize in the domain of their interest and eventually use the expertise to grow in their professional journey.

    The contemporary world is interconnected in a true sense, and after the onset of the pandemic and increase in remote jobs, anyone can apply for any position – vicinity isn’t a con anymore. The competitive milieu makes it more difficult for the upcoming workforce to get employment with just basic education. Finplan understands the current wave of detachment between brilliant minds and suitable opportunities. However, the gap is filled through not only certified qualifications which help you enhance your overall portfolio / resume value but also by the essential experiential learning value which is imparted through development of professional skills / talent such as problem-solving, decision-making, business analytical skills, strategic leadership skills which are key driving elements in business positions.

     To sum up

    The world is evolving consistently, and traditional education cannot prepare us for the challenges in the unpredictable career environment. Our education system indeed makes a strong foundation, but it’s our responsibility to build a concrete and professional structure on it.

    Finplan wanted to tackle the root problems associated with conventional education; hence they founded a revolutionary institution that focuses at core professional education. The founders have created a conducive environment where they nurture students’ interest to build professional value in their overall personality and business skills to support and propel their career growth. With the state of art campus in multiple locations of Mumbai and expanding its presence in the West of INDIA, FINPLAN imparts its learning through both Online and classroom mode of study. Through their globally certified qualifications, a talented brain gets the right exposure to shine in the crowded world of average skills. Finplan believes in recognizing the student’s true potential, judging based on talent rather than the degree.

    Finplan not only works on providing world-class professional education but also supports your career with an Industry network of 7000+ Corporates / MNCs to drive career opportunities nationally and globally. With benefits such as Integrated Internship program (IIP), placement support, Corporate Workshops, Life Skills Sessions (stress eliminating sessions), Industry Visits, Budget Sessions, Business Analytical Skills, Data Analytics Skills, and Financial Literacy, you are all set for a successful professional life.