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  • Sunday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:46:29
  • Leading Interior designers and contractors universally agree that completing a home renovation or improvement project to their client’s satisfaction is a massive challenge. Until now, they had depended on manual and paper-based processes for executing these projects, even if the designs were created digitally using cutting-edge 3D design software.

    Once these designs were ready, they were printed and from that point onwards, modern technology did not have any role to play – everything from Bill of Materials to procurement and sourcing or even project management was done manually. It often led to avoidable errors and unnecessary delays.

    Now, a new generation of B2B Tech startups are offering tech-enabled solutions to solve these problems and help interior designers or contractors manage their projects better. Many of these solutions take advantage of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality among others. Thanks to their solutions, the process of building a dream home, from design to delivery, has been simplified to the extent of getting most tasks completed through a click of a button.

    Here are four Indian technology-enabled B2B startups that are simplifying the process of home improvement and disrupting the space through innovation:


    IBO is a tech-enabled omni-channel platform that leverages technology to create simpler, hassle-free, and meaningful shopping experiences for its customers. The platform allows customers to have multiple touchpoints to interact through the mobile app, website, and store. IBO leverages data to build an agile supply chain, enhanced product catalog, and transparency in pricing in the home improvement space. The target buyer is usually retailers, contractors, technicians, architects, and homeowners. IBO focuses on providing everything that a home builder would need under one roof.


    Prolance is a B2B technology-enabled cloud manufacturing platform for interior designers. It caters to interior designers and design firms, architects, contractors, materials suppliers, and processing factories, with a mission to make the interior design projects execution simple, accurate, and effortless at every stage –from design to manufacturing and installation. Prolance’s automation platform promises to save up to 20% in project costs and reduce project delivery timelines by as much as 40%.


    Brick&Bolt is a tech-based construction platform that makes the entire process of construction flawless by connecting customers to a curated set of service providers, which enables transparent pricing, and managing projects to ensure the optimum use of time and quality product delivery. Each step is augmented by an AI-Based engine that predicts the work schedule and manages the quality and progress of the project using computer vision.

    Material Depot

    Material Depot aims to discover, index and present every building and construction material available on to the Indian Market. The B2B platform tracks several digital and physical catalogues and creates an online index that’s clutter free and exhaustive. Material Depot makes it easy to look up any materials (with their detailed specifications) with just a click and in turn makes supply chain more seamless.


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