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  • IndiGo and Wieden + Kennedy present An On-Time Performance.

    Published on November 21, 2011

    New Delhi:  IndiGo – the airline that brought you amazing on-time performance, hassle-free service, fabulous in-flight snacks and always affordable fares – now introduces another category breakthrough: the world’s first Runway Musical! This fast-paced theatrical spectacle celebrates IndiGo’s new international operations, and showcases the extreme choreography that goes into making IndiGo run on the dot.

    A photogenic combination of theatre and tarmac, the film draws parallels between IndiGo’s energetic personality, its beautifully synchronised operations, and the minutely-choreographed perfection of a musical. Shot with an all-star crew in Los Angeles under the direction of Steven Antin, director of the Christina Aguilera musical feature ‘Burlesque’ and choreographed by Denise Faye of ‘Chicago’ fame, the spot is rich and highly polished in tone. With its high-energy choreography, slick and gorgeous cast, a memorable song and vibrant styling and art direction to match, it’s a happy film that is more fun with each viewing.

    The story is told by the core members of the IndiGo team, led by an energetic Captain and supported by an all-star cast of co-pilots, ground force personnel, and of course the gorgeous, super-efficient cabin crew.

    Speaking about the commercial, Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President, IndiGo said, “These are exciting times not only for us but for all avid travelers. Our all-new lively advertisement not only celebrates the milestone of us going international but also reiterates our promise of providing a hassle free and on time travel experience to our valued customers. It’s the strong force of our staff/crew members and the belief of our customers that keeps us going and this is clearly reflected in the fun filled moments showcased in the new commercial.”

    W+K quote: from Mohit Dhar Jayal, “Every aspect of the IndiGo experience is designed to maximize customer satisfaction, and IndiGo’s advertising is no different. Marketing propaganda just isn’t IndiGo’s style, which is why this film is such a great piece of entertainment. Enjoy!”