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  • Indisputably becoming one of the most sought-after young entrepreneurs of Japan is Akita Shintaro

    Published on September 11, 2021

    At 22 years, he began his journey as an entrepreneur with his IT business and grew to become an investor for businesses worldwide.

    Of the many things that helped turn people’s heads in surprise and attracted their attention, the rise of certain young entrepreneurs made the most headlines and rightfully so for the kind of passion, madness, dedication and perseverance they showed in their respective industries. Akita Shintaro’s journey tops the list of such success stories that go ahead in emphasizing and making people understand that age is only a number and no obstacle can ever be big enough to stop a person who is determined to achieve success. Akita Shintaro was firm on his visions and believed in himself, which gave him the confidence to keep walking his path and ultimately helped him reach the position he enjoys today as a businessman and investor.

    Generally, when youngsters start early in their careers, after reaching a point, some of them become clueless on how to continue creating momentum and success or how to grow from there. However, Akita Shintaro, with his strong self-belief, vigour and tenacity, knew what he wanted to achieve, and with his immaculate visions, kept working hard each day and learned new things to implement in his business to become better at it. That is how he created stupendous success for his IT company as the founder and CEO, exceeding the number of employees to 600 within five years. They have successfully manufactured and sold solar panels and have even opened their own panel manufacturing plant in China.

    Akita Shintaro also attributes his ability to remain focused and mentally strong in business to his talents in sports as a rugby player, where as a student, he was selected as a member of the national team. He believes that sports not only make us physically and mentally strong but also teaches us to accept failures and helps us build the courage to get up and try again. Today, Akita Shintaro is a well-known investor as well, who has invested in Japan’s leading fashion shows and world martial arts competitions. He has developed close connections with many celebrities and politicians and also has been invited to fashion shows of the most renowned brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Valentino. Akita Shintaro is one of those few to get invites every year for these events.

    He also stepped foot into the restaurant sector by investing in a few in Japan and Singapore. Since he travels to different parts of the world like Dubai, Italy, France, and England, he also plans to open restaurants there in two years, one of which will be opening in Dubai, the UAE, this year.

    It seems nothing can stop Akita Shintaro to become the young entrepreneurial king in Japan


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