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INDUS HEALTH PLUS LAUNCHES MEDNAwise, a genetic solution in precision medicine

Chennai: Indus Health Plus, a pioneer in the preventive healthcare sector, is expanding its genetic testing portfolio by launching MEDNAwise, a genetic solution in precision medicine. MEDNAwise testing helps to understand which drug suits you best, manage your treatment and increase its effectiveness. MEDNAwise can also be used as predictive personalized medication guide for those who like to be one step ahead.

The MEDNAwise testing is based on Pharmacogenomics, a study that uses your genetic information to predict your response to certain drugs/medicines. This can help the doctors prescribe safer & more effective medication. Genes influence your drug metabolism and sensitivity towards the drug. Hence, for any given drug, there are two types of people – those who respond to standard medication at a standard dose and those who don’t. For those who do not respond, there will be a requirement of either an alternate medication or a change of dosage. A person will metabolize the medicine in the following ways for any drug.

Speaking around the launch Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus said “With the advancement in the field of genetics, individuals are now equipped to make better decisions for their health and well-being. With our pharmacogenomic product –  MEDNAwise, we aim to empower doctors to prescribe safer and effective medication for better treatment results. MEDNAwise is a genetic solution that will:

  1. Help choose the Best Suited Drug & Dosage for You
  2. Helps optimize Cost of Treatment
  3. Minimizing Trail & Error
  4. Minimizing Adverse Drug Reaction
  5. Minimizing Chance of Treatment Failure
  6. Minimizing Time for Treatment by increasing Effectiveness

MEDNAwise can be taken by anyone with a personal or family history of adverse drug reaction(s), when the treatment is not giving results, those who are on multiple medications, elderly patients taking or starting certain specific medications. We have always tried to provide health care solutions to society and with the help of MEDNAwise we are taking a leap in personalized medication.”

MEDNAwise is saliva based user-friendly genetic test which can be done from the comfort of home and available at the cost of INR 9,999 + Taxes.. MEDNAwise is designed for all age groups and has 11 categories and 72 medicines covered related to different health departments. Mentioned below are the categories covered under MEDNAwise testing:

9Organ Transplantation
11Infectious Disease

MEDNAwise Report helps understand the patient (individual) and the doctor to make informed decisions with regards to respective treatments.

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