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  • ‘Industrial Tour’ at The Commerce Department initiative of Garhgaon College

    Published on June 10, 2022

    Purusutam Kalita 

     SIVASAGAR : On June 8, the Commerce Department of Garhgaon College, in collaboration with the NGO Society for Human Advancement and Promotion of Employment, carried out industrial tours covering the industrial areas of the District Centre for Industry and Trade (DICC) located in Sivasagar.

    The objective of the programme was to inform the students about the internal functioning of the companies. Such visits go out of the educational institutions to help students to give practical and practical views of the industrial sector. Students also get new learning experiences by introducing them to the larger world of business by facilitating interaction with industry experts. DICC General Manager Devjit Deori and SHAPE General Secretary Parag Goswami contributed in this regard. The programme is aimed at helping students combine practical knowledge of its real activities with the theoretical knowledge of business management. Nazira HS at the event Students from And MP School, ?

    High School, Lakua Tantia High School, Sivasagar HS&MP School and Sarathi Junior College, Sivasagar also participated in the event. Dr. Mrinal Ghosh and Gautam Hazarika, Assistant Professors, Department of Commerce, Garhgaon College took over as the caretakers of the event. Dr° Meghali Bora, Assistant Professor Shri Anil Tanti, Dr° Mintu Gogoi, Namami Dutta contributed specially in this regard.


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