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Industrial Visit to Tata Motors


On the 26th of September 2023, the Department of Commerce, XITE College in collaboration with Jamshedpur Management Association organized an exciting industry visit for their second-year B.Com and BA English students. The visit took place at the renowned TATA Motors in Jamshedpur. A total of 30 enthusiastic students participated in this enlightening experience.

The itinerary for the visit was meticulously planned to provide students with valuable insights into various aspects of the automobile industry. The day commenced with a visit to the Skill Development Centre, where apprenticeship training programs are conducted by TATA Motors. Here, students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the skill-building initiatives that are a pivotal part of TATA Motors’ workforce development strategy. This segment of the visit allowed students to appreciate the practical aspect of skill acquisition, aligning with the college’s commitment to holistic learning.

Following the Skill Development Centre visit, the group proceeded to the TATA Motors plant, where they were introduced to the assembling, transmission, and testing processes of automobiles. This part of the visit was particularly informative, as students were able to observe the intricate steps involved in crafting high-quality vehicles. Understanding the assembly line and quality control processes in an industry leader like TATA Motors proved to be an eye-opening experience for the students.

The students were accompanied by Dr. Swati Singh, professor from XITE College, and Ms Anushka Mahato, a representative from the Jamshedpur Management Association. Additionally, three officials from TATA Motors graciously guided the students throughout the visit.

It is noteworthy that XITE College, in its pursuit of providing a well-rounded education, not only emphasizes academic curriculum but also places a strong emphasis on exposure through industry visits and internships. Such hands-on learning opportunities are considered invaluable in shaping students into industry-ready professionals.

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