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  • Influencer with Impact Surbhi Agarwal aka mum_in_vogue

    Published on December 5, 2022

    Surbhi Agarwal is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and a travel influencer. Above all, she is a mommy blogger. We love her large hearted nature, the sheer beauty of her posts and the way she connects with her audience. Surbhi also happens to be a keen writer. Being a good writer doesn’t necessarily mean having to talk about their writing style or how good their prose is, the greatness could simply be about their ideas – ideas that grab people’s attention and prove to be helpful to others. She’s known for her blogs on breastfeeding, children development and lifestyle tips.

    Surbhi’s husband, Mr. Agarwal is a captain in Merchant Navy and as the work suggests, is usually out on duty. At the peak of COVID-19, when people were sitting home, Surbhi thought of using time constructively and started her own page on instagram. Having immense passion for fashion, creativity comes to her naturally. And within no time, the page hit towering followers. Today, we are almost a family of 100k. At a very tender age, Surbhi has achieved milestones in her career. Some of her profound achievements are one of India’s Top Mom-bloggers by mid-day, Best Female Lifestyle Digital Creator 2022. Having said that, she’s collaborated with over 100 top-notch brands like Nykaa, Kama Hemley’s amongst others. 

    Behind every picture, there’s a perfect moment captured. But not all days are picture- perfect. Surbhi has had her fair shares of struggles. Being a mother and a content creator are two jobs that have a reporting of 24 hours. Multitasking flows in veins of women, and we definitely see how smoothly she handles personal and professional life.

    Being humble is truly a positive trait. Surbhi didn’t choose influencing under the greed of popularity. In her opinion, no amount of money or fame could compensate the feeling of love and joy her audience bring to her. Getting thanksgiving DMs or clearing a mother’s doubt when she doesn’t know whom to approach to, is what surbhi looks forward to. She firmly believes that by supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep businesses booming within your local region. Be it a small business or simply an international brand, Surbhi is always ready to use her platform as a service to her community. It’s 21st century and we need more mothers life Surbhi Agarwal to come forward, pursue her passion and tell the world motherhood is not an end, but the beginning of your dreams. Her page @mum_in_vogue on Instagram is a 10/10 recommend to follow for real content.



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