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  • Information about the Rapid Growth of Online Proctoring Services

    Published on February 1, 2019

    by Sahil Arora

    Proctoring refers to examination superstition. There are several companies who offer proctoring service. This service offers you to take your examination facility at your own home. You can give your examination under the supervision of a real person through the webcam. Proctors are trained and experienced to undertake authentication of the candidates and prevent them from making any unfair activities or cheating during the examination. They use screen sharing software to monitor what you are doing on your computer at the time of your examination period. You can communicate with the proctor using the speaker, microphone and webcam. Your proctor will provide you an essential guideline to establish your identity. They will ensure you that you are giving your examination under their provided condition and you can log in to start the procedure of your examination. You will get the facilities of web chat to communicate with a proctor. The proctor will help you with any kind of technical problem or issue related to your examination. After starting your examination, they will monitor you and the way of your examination continuously.

    Types of proctoring services

    There are mainly three types of proctoring services and these are:

    Online live proctoring service: In liveonline proctoring services, an experienced and trained proctor monitors shared screen feeds and audio-video in real time. Basically, the service provider of online proctoring can ensure authentication of candidates who are giving the examination and prevent them any kind of unfair activities at the time of examination by engaging people from a remote location. This procedure is advantageous for any location which may be thousands of miles away from the proctor of the examination.

    Recorded proctoring services: This method is not involved monitoring of feed by the proctor in real time. It includes the recording of shared screen feeds and audio-video of the candidate during the examination. A representative controls these recordings following fast-forwarded way and using red flags for any suspicious activities through annotations. This procedure can eliminate the constraints of location and schedule.

    Advanced automatic proctoring service: This procedure is the latest form of proctoring services. It also involves the recording of shared screen feeds and audio-video of candidates during the examination period. Additionally, the system includes advanced audio and video analytics to monitor the feeds for any kind of unfair and suspicious activity during the examination period. This procedure can ensure sufficient light in the room, checking suspicious objects in video and background voice performance for showing red flags during the examination. The procedure also includes face recognition of the candidate for authentication. This process can remove location and schedule constraints. This system is also cost-effective as well as scalable as there no need for a human to review the procedure.

    Importance of online proctoring services

    • The online proctoring services include the digital tools which can ensure to the examination administrators about essential security for the examination.
    • This system helps to establish the validity of online education for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and online universities.
    • The online proctored examination can be immediate and unscheduled and made for internet-based examinations.
    • This system provides an opportunity to the examination administrators to make online assessments at different placed and times according to their convenience.

    Benefits of online proctoring services

    There are several benefits of online proctoring solutions. Some of these include:

    • Easily accessible for the instructors and learners: Online proctoring solution offers an integrated service including learning platforms which are easy to access for assessments. Using a single sign-on the knowledge, all candidates will be able to log in their learning platform for launching the proctoring tools. There is no requirement for a spreadsheet included the candidate names and IDs which are already included in their learning platform. The instructor can easily arrange their assessments and will get essential information about candidates appeared in the examination with a click on a button.
    • Convenient: The candidates can give their examination at their own home with comfort. There is no need to arrange special accommodation for the examination administrators to take the examination.
    • Verification of students: The online service solutions involve the use of webcam and technology for verification. The system also includes facial biometric recognition which is essential to match every time when the candidate’s login to the system. This procedure helps the examination administrator to check the candidate’s identity easily and get the information of the candidate’s appearance and their learning patterns.
    • Comprehensive report: Online proctoring solution helps to get recording activities of candidates during the examination. Instructors can analyze the candidate’s learning patterns.

    Factors that are developing the growth of online proctoring solution

    There are many key aspects which cause the growth of online proctoring solution. These include:

    • To eliminate huge cost of arranging proctored examination centers
    • To save candidate’s money and time
    • The growth or development of e-learning
    • The examination administrators are not able to provide sufficient computer labs to administrate the examinations.
    • Increasing of work-based apprenticeships according to the actual organizational requirements.

    Users of online examination proctoring services

    • Examination providers: The examination providers who want to get the advantages like:

    To administrate examinations in a cheap and convenient way

    To create additional opportunities for revenue

    To spread business globally using remote proctoring services

    To provide on-demand examinations at anytime and anywhere

    The examination providers use this service for recruitments, promotions, college admission tests, certifications etc.

    • Providers of online education – Universities, MOOCs

    The online education providers have to maintain the quality and validity of their online program. The online proctoring services involve essential tools for authentication of the candidates appeared in the examination. This system also ensures the candidate’s efficiency without cheating in the examination.

    • Certifying agencies: The agencies are taking the help of online examination proctoring solution to get the benefits like:

    Allowing the candidates to make certification from their home

    Providing cost-effective certification procedure

    Expanding the business into new geographic areas

    Maintaining the visual records to fulfill requirements for audits

    Finally, you can develop your business including the online examination proctoring solution to get the benefits of this service.