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  • ‘Inspire Art Gala’; ‘Ma Joie’ Gallery Organizes Unique Art Show and Interaction of Differently-Abled Artists

    Published on August 17, 2023

     Kochi : Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary talents of differently-abled artists as the Inspire Art Gala takes center stage at the country’s first unique art gallery for differently abled ‘Ma Joie’ at Fort Kochi. This exceptional art exhibition by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association, is set to showcase the remarkable journey of artists from around the world who create awe-inspiring art using their mouth or foot.  This gala event, scheduled to take place on 19th Saturday features live interaction with four mouth and foot artists from different parts of India. 

    The ‘Inspire Art Gala’ promises an enchanting evening, where visitors can immerse themselves in a world of artistic marvels. Each artwork on display is a testament to the artists’ remarkable resilience, determination, and sheer artistic genius. What makes this event even more special is that these extraordinary creations will be available for purchase, allowing attendees to own a piece and support the meaningful cause championed by MFPA. 

    In addition to the awe-inspiring artwork, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the existing collection at Ma Joie Art Gallery and discover the unique art-fashion fusion presented by Doué, MFPA’s art-infused fashion brand.

    MFPA, a global organization with a rich history dating back to 1956, has been a beacon of support for differently-abled artists striving to earn their livelihoods through their artistic endeavors. The MFPA family unites more than 750 talented individuals globally, including 36 incredible artists within the vibrant landscape of MFPA India and 10 artists from Kerala. 

    “Each artist’s work reflects incredible resilience, turning life’s challenges into breathtaking masterpieces that resonate deeply. This event is a powerful reminder that art is the language of the soul, and it’s a language they speak fluently,”  said Bobby Thomas, Marketing Head of MFPA India about the event.


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