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  • InspirED 2022 by Teach For India: A global leadership conference concludes with solutions to the biggest puzzle pieces in education

    Published on April 15, 2022

    The focus of InspirED 2022 was deepening the understanding of the truth of the education system and highlighting the inspiring work of the diverse community of stakeholders including children, educators, parents, and leaders over the last two years

    Teach For India recently concluded its annual global leadership conference InspirED 2022 on re-imagining education in the post COVID world. The 4-day conference saw various industry leaders and inspiring kids putting their views on how we can come together to bring back the loss that has happened in the past 2 years to education and how we can help each other in re-imagining education in the post COVID world.

    The conference was hosted by Teach For India, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India and 25+ other global and national organizations including HCL Technologies, Azim Premji University, LEAD, Google for Education, British Council, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited.

    “We at Teach For India have been making relentless efforts to be agile and adapt to the changing dynamics of the ed-sector while staying true to our mission – one day all children will attain an excellent education. The InspirED platform brought these kids together to put their point of view on ‘What really matters for children? What do we want to change and what do we want to retain?’, hearing it from the children, we saw their zeal to get back what they lost in these past 2 years in Education” Shaheen Mistri, CEO and Founder, Teach For India.

    Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Chairwoman of HCL Technologies in a one-on-one chat session with Shaheen Mistri said “Urban schools have fared better than their rural counterparts but that has enhanced IQ but what makes leaders different from others is their EQ. The curriculum today needs to focus on developing EQ.”

    “Re-imagining the curriculum must go hand in hand with relooking at our assessments. Not only should our assessments be more formative and holistic, but there also needs to be continuity and consistency where school education reform works in tandem with higher education reform,” Dr. Rishikesh B.S., Associate Professor, School of Education, Azim Premji University.

    The focus of InspirED was to bring students, educators, parents, and corporate leaders on one platform and talk about

    1. How they re-imagined schooling during the tough times of the pandemic.
    2. Identify strategies to bridge the gap for all children in India.
    3. Discussion the importance of the social, physical, and mental well-being of the children and designing a sustainable and effective learning environment for them.

    Alisa Chatterjee, Grade 7th Student from The Riverside School shared her view “I missed being around my friends. I felt depressed when schools were shut – I enjoy being around other people and especially my friends. I missed physical activities- We need more schools listening to student voices, get students to set their own agendas and how and what they learn.”


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