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  • Inspiring Hope Through Entertainment: Author Dr Sohil Makwana on his upcoming novel ‘Wonder Womaniya’

    Published on October 30, 2022

    Dr. Sohil Makwana is one of the first names that come to mind when we talk about medical fictions. His writing is lucid and intriguing, and his storytelling is quick-witted. His debut duo-logy ‘Murdrum The Probe Begins’ and ‘Murdrum 2: Double Trouble’ have become cults as engrossing crime-thriller novels internationally, selling thousands of copies, and have been optioned for web series, too. His writing was appreciated for his blend of novelty, facts, and freshness. He is all set to release his next tragicomic novel, inspired by true events, ‘Wonder Womaniya’ this December. Away from stereotypical tales, ‘Wonder Womaniya’ is an inspiring, amusing, heartfelt, and whistleblowing tribute to every woman. At the poster launch, Dr. Sohil shared the anecdotes while writing the novel and the pre-release jitters he got before the books would go into readers’ hands. Excerpts:

    The Murdrum series was a hardcore crime thriller, while Wonder Womaniya is a social drama. How did you come up with this 180° turn?

    I would say it’s a 360° turn. Because in both novels, in the end, we see a rise of a woman. In Murdrum, Komal hunts the heinous serial killer as she goes through blood and gore, while in Wonder Womaniya, Ambika finds solace through her contribution to society. To understand Komal and Ambika is to witness the woman empowerment of two different schools. Ambika puts a price on her life to reach the crescendo. The other starts high and then gets even higher. Both genres are absolutely contrasting. Murdrum is dark, while Wonder Womaniya is colourful. However, one thing is common in both novels, and that’s engrossment. I believe that there are only two ways to captivate the readers from page one; the first is humour, and the second mystery. I apply them interchangeably (smirks).

    How did you blend humour in Wonder Womaniya?

    Wonder Womaniya is a tale of a memer, Ambika. She creates memes and has an edge over stand-up comedians. She is sarcastic and jovial. She is the girl that makes you laugh with her punchlines or slashes you with her sarcasm. A witty character adds dimensions to dialogues and makes the book page-turner. Ambika is a character that no one can dislike, and when you fall for her, she lets you cry. You’ll find an additional character of a stand-up comedian, too. 

    Dialogues are catchy. Can you share a few dialogues?

    Sure. In an event, Ambika retaliates and defends every woman by saying, “Travelling in public transport in our country is all about protecting your butts and boobs from random strangers…” She further adds, “Dear all working men All women are working women, but only a handful are salaried. When a guy proposes to her, she smirks and replies, Na baba na! Pahle aap utroge dil main… Aur phir haramipane pe…” Ambika works as a nurse in gynaecology wards. During her visit to the labor room, when she attends to a pregnant woman, she stomps her shoe on the floor with a loud thud, salutes her, and announces like a soldier, “Midwife Ambika at your cervix, madam. As the story is based in Jhansi, I have added the spice of Hindi dialogues in some places.

    You are fond of introducing bizarre diseases through your books as you did in Murdrum. So about what bizarre disease that you are talking in Wonder Womaniya?

    Well, I can’t give spoilers by telling about the bizarre disease, but yes, I can tell that I tried to blow a whistle that no one has puffed in thousands of years of human evolution. We all get raised by breastmilk, but no one is talking about breastmilk donation. In India there are only 22 breastmilk banks among a population of 150 crores or more. In foreign countries, you’ll find many breastmilk donors and plenty of cellphone applications for donors and receivers. More than 20% of mothers are overproducers. Their breastmilk can give lives to several infants. Additionally, I have tried to cover all the major issues a woman faces during her life journey. I love to inspire people by entertaining them.

    Thousands of positive reviews on Murdrum. How do you feel about it? Had you ever thought your debut series would climb the chartbuster?

    Absolutely. I knew that the narrative I had given In Murdrum was absolutely unbeatable. I know the art of storytelling, and if you read Murdrum, you would realise how mysteriously I had unfolded the facts. Playing with the reader’s mind is my hobby. I receive several messages every day from the readers, and I’m glad that I have created a murder mystery that has been appreciated across the globe.

    Wonder Womaniya is all set to hit the bookshelves. Whats next?

    The next novel is a psychological thriller based on a bizarre side effect of a medicine. It is an absolutely engrossing page-turner. I have new stories. If you want some novelty, pick mine. 

    A promising tale, a beautiful narrative. This 200 pages story is motivating movie material. Dr. Sohil’s work is uplifting, enlightening, and universal. The author’s hunger for storytelling is palpable. In the end Wonder Womaniya is a love letter to society and every woman. It is a celebration of endurance and survival in the face of unspeakable tragedy. A must-read novel for everywomen is hitting the bookshelves this December. Click here to get more details about Dr. Sohil and his novels —> https://linktr.ee/dr_sohil


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