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  • Inspiring Story of Young Digital Marketing Expert – Waqar Ahmed

    Published on January 22, 2022

    Waqar Ahmed is a programmer, marketing strategist, and professional speaker. Neusul Digital was founded by him and his partner Divesh Gupta in 2021. Ahmed along with his partner worked with a number of well-known digital marketing sites and personalities.

    Waqar’s Success Story.

    Waqar’s digital marketing narrative is one of the most motivating start-up success stories. Waqar had a trauma in 2014. Waqar realised he was dissatisfied with his status after having lots of time to contemplate. So he did what so many people wish they could do but only a few are brave enough to accomplish: he quit. There had no job lined up, no great strategy – just an impending notice period and the casual thought that ‘Maybe I’ll be a digital marketing specialist.’

    Right from the beginning, Waqar continuously struggled hard to persuade his family that his pursuits were incompatible with traditional education. Because he possessed imagination and enthusiasm, he wasn’t supposed to crawl.

    The family was finally persuaded after witnessing the individual making a significant amount of progress. From very start Waqar Ahmed accumulated a lot of success and continued on his quest. As a social media celebrity now, he never stopped learning and growing. He proceeded to grow his company, believing in only the best. Because of his social media expertise, he began collaborating with a number of well-known local and worldwide figures.

    Waqar’s determination, on the other hand, was unwavering, he spent the majority of his time connecting with other digital marketing professionals. He now lives in his own personal paradise and devotes his career to encouraging others to do the same.

    Neusul Digital Company, is the first marketing cloud platform. He used his innate intuition to pick the greatest ideas for turning into a business and then pushed them forward with the help of digital marketing. Also Neusul provides solid digital marketing strategies and focus on its project’s success, thus making it one of the top company in digital marketing world.

    What You’ll Learn & Why You’ll Like Waqar.

    Waqar Ahmed, is intriguing – he does precisely what any digital marketer should do: he thinks of his audience first and always speaks to them. Waqar is the kind of digital marketer who can elicit passion from even the most apathetic and uninterested specialists.

     Sometimes digital marketers undervalue the importance of getting to the root of their audience’s problem. You may say empathy is vital when asked, and you may have even included it in your content strategy, but you’re still producing dull, uninspired, and formulaic work that misses the mark and your client’s heart.

    That’s Waqar’s brilliance: he transforms an abstract and much-discussed concept into a tangible reality. As a digital marketer, he sets an example of the level of quality you should strive for. Rather than matching himself, Waqar tailors his performance to his audience. Then he gets paid in the form of visits, shares, and a built-in community.


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