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    Instant Article Factory — Solution to Article Writers’ Dilemma

    Published on July 25, 2010

    Jonathan Leger, the creator of a number of respected service applications software, announces that the article writers’ dilemma of writing articles and pondering for overly long periods of time has now been resolved by his creation of an article writing template called Instant Article Factory.

    Instant Article Factory, Mr. Leger relates, is an effective tool that helps writers to write quality articles on any subject in five minutes or even less. Its 17 built-in article templates which are flexible make it easy for the writer to write about a variety of topics from Product Reviews, Top Tips, Pros and Cons How-Tos and a lot more easily by just filling the blanks.

    One remarkable feature of this article writing tool is its flexibility to switch to another template by just refreshing the page. The randomized article templates allow its user to select a suitable template for his article in mind. This is very important for creating unique content. Not only that, the Instant Article Factory also allows its user to create his own template with the use of its built-in Template builder, or use custom-templates that other users have shared.

    The Instant Article Factory supports full nested spinning to unlimited levels both in the fill-in-the-blank fields and when the templates are modified. It is a time and money saver that allows its user to create quality articles with less effort and even lesser time. It’s capability to spin articles with its database of millions of synonyms allows its user to produce in a matter of seconds, unique articles from a single source by simply reloading the original version and a few tweaks.

    Users don’t have to worry about the article templates, for these are regularly rewritten from scratch by the people behind Instant Article Factory, to ensure that unique content is generated despite the software’s large user base.

    John Paduchak — adhd-planner.com — says: “Instant Article Factory makes writing articles a breeze.”

    “The templates you created made writing excellent articles so simple anyone could do it with ease. I was able to crank out several excellent articles in a matter of minutes.”

    The Instant Article Factory is the answer to the article writers’ quest for a solution to beat looming article deadlines. Its flexible templates see to it that the articles produced are original, and it assures delivery of unique articles even if they are spun.