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International Men’s Day: Men’s Fashion Brand DaMENSCH tries to define ‘Men’ and Fails

When the entire world is celebrating International Men’s Day, DaMENSCH, a premium men’s fashion brand whose name literally means “The Man”, in its latest campaign on International Men’s Day tried defining this man but failed. The campaign circles around putting positive and grey labels like the leader, creator, aware around The Man, and ends with a message that one cannot define him because he’s so many things at once and yet an individual.

Commenting on the concept behind putting this campaign together, Deepti Karthik, VP – Marketing at DaMENSCH said – “Whatever we do as a brand is to make the life of men easier. And every time we try to zone into our target audience and define this target audience, The Man — we all have different versions of him in our mind. Our insights varied from creator to artist, from he to they, from fitness enthusiast to environmentalist. And hence this International Men’s Day, we tried to describe everyone’s understanding of The Man, but failed because it is so difficult to bucket in so many definitions of him in one. We failed to define The Man because the modern man is not one thing, he is fluid in his aspirations, ambitions, thoughts, opinions. The modern man doesn’t fall in any description, he is out of the box. And we celebrate this truth about the modern man through this campaign.”

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