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  • Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Dhvani Desai Gives Animation Lessons to Children at NCFF Vizag

    Published on April 9, 2017

    VIZAG  : On the final day of the National Children’s Film Festival, International award winning and well-known animation director and film-maker Ms. Dhvani Desai presented a workshop on Animation for the children of Vizag.

    Dhvani-Desai Children at the workshop were very curious and interactive where they asked many questions and tried to learn different aspects of animation. Workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by them and many times they cheered with laughter and joy reacting to various films shown to them.

    Children were introduced to the history of animation, when it originated and its first recognition from the pre-historic i.e. palaeolithic cave paintings, phenakistoscope, kineograph first film book etc. and upto latest 3D animation films. They were also introduced to different styles of animation e.g. traditional, computer 2D/3D, stop motion visual effects, clay animation, mix media, sand animation, pixellation, puppet animation among others, which they were simply thrilled to absorb.

    Ms. Dhvani Desai said, “In this workshop, children were explained how to make an animation film, they were briefed about different stages including pre-production, production and post-production. They were taught what is a storyboard, how it is made and what are the audio and video requirement details along with full visualization etc., apart from creating the character designs and layouts etc.”

    Dhvani Desai said, “In this workshop, the children were shown films of different styles and different countries along with my films like Manpasand produced by CFSI, which has won several international awards and officially selected in many international film festivals and

    Chakravyuh, a film on the social issue of how to eradicate corruption through RTI.”

    “Animation can be on different topics other than children films like Social issues as Swachch Bharat, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Digital India etc.,” added Dhvani Desai while explaining the role of animation in the mass media.

    Dhvani Desai is an animation film maker since more than 25 years and her work has been mentioned in anthologies and animation