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  • Introducing the remarkable artistic journey of Haenal, an artist who defied conventional career paths. Her journey from designing exceptional Samsung Unicode emojis to evolving a well-known tattooist with the impressive fan following of 80,000 is truly inspiring! Through this unrivaled interview, let’s plunge into Haenal’s process of the evolution. Let’s explore what influences and obstacles she had to face on her path to where she is today. Find how Haenal’s particular view of the world and peculiar art style have helped her to get recognition of the thousands of people worldwide.                  

    • When did you start drawing?

    Art has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. From my earliest years, I found solace and joy in expressing myself through drawing. Attending an art kindergarten and later studying visual design in high school only deepened my passion for the craft. Every stroke of the pencil and brush felt like an extension of my being, a way to communicate and connect with the world around me.

    • Did you start tattooing right after college?

    After my third year of college, I took a leap into the design world, securing a position at Byheydey, a renowned agency. Surprisingly, the director appreciated my portfolio and offered me a full-time role as a GUI designer, a rare opportunity for a student on leave. Collaborating with esteemed clients like Samsung and Hanssem enriched my design journey, but deep down, I yearned for a more intimate form of artistic expression.

    My fascination with drawing and design ultimately led me to discover my true calling: tattoo artistry. The allure of creating lasting impressions on the human canvas, each piece imbued with its own unique story and significance, resonated deeply with me. It was a natural evolution from my background in drawing and design to the dynamic realm of tattoo artistry, where I could fully unleash my creativity and passion.

    I heard you were involved as a leader in the initial design of Samsung Unicode emojis?

    After contributing to the team for a few months, I was thrilled when the director recognized my keen sense of color and design. This led to an exciting opportunity to contribute to the proposal for Samsung Unicode emojis. To my surprise and delight, my suggestions were embraced, and I was entrusted with leading the project. Despite being only 22 years old at the time and having less than a year of experience, I eagerly took on the challenge.

    Overseeing the development of over 900 emojis was no small feat. I meticulously crafted each design, layer by layer, using Photoshop to ensure they met the highest standards of quality and creativity. Witnessing the emojis I had envisioned and designed come to life on Samsung phones was truly a momentous experience that I will never forget. It reinforced my passion for bringing creative ideas to life.

    • What led you to become a tattoo artist from a designer?

    While working as a designer for six years, I felt a growing desire to chart my own creative path. Inspired by the transformative experience of getting my first tattoo, I became captivated by the idea of permanently etching meaningful artwork onto the body.

    My involvement in leading the design team for the Samsung Unicode emojis project reinforced my belief in the profound impact of art. Seeing the emojis I designed on Samsung phones underscored the power of creativity to connect with others on a deep level, sparking my passion for tattoo artistry.

    Transitioning from a successful career in design to tattooing wasn’t easy. After deliberating for over a year, I took the leap, driven by the desire to pursue my true calling. Embracing tattoo artistry has allowed me to combine my love for design with the opportunity to create deeply meaningful artwork that resonates with both myself and others.

    • Why do you think you were able to become a tattoo artist with 80,000 followers in Korea?

    When I first embarked on my journey as a beginner, I possessed a burning desire to excel in this profession. Leveraging my innate artistic abilities and combining them with unwavering dedication, I devoted myself wholeheartedly to my craft. My natural aptitude for visual art, my ability to conceptualize and bring ideas to life through drawing and design, and my keen eye for color, composition, and detail have all played crucial roles in my development as a tattoo artist. Striving tirelessly day in and day out, I worked to expand my reach and impact, driven by a deep passion for tattoo artistry. The process was undoubtedly challenging, yet I found immense joy and fulfillment in the pursuit of my passion. I believe that it was the combination of my innate talents and relentless dedication that ultimately garnered such remarkable results. These qualities have not only shaped my journey as a tattoo artist but have also been instrumental in my success in various artistic endeavors throughout my life.

    • Does your other artistic background and experience help when working as a tattoo artist?

    Absolutely. My diverse background in art and design has been invaluable in my journey as a tattoo artist. Drawing designs requires a keen understanding of form, color, and composition, skills honed over years of artistic practice. My experience as a designer has equipped me with the ability to think critically about artistic and popular trends, ensuring that my tattoo designs resonate with clients on both aesthetic and cultural levels. Additionally, my history of communicating with clients has made it easier to understand their preferences and translate them into meaningful tattoo concepts. I’m confident that the culmination of these experiences have enriched my work as a tattoo artist.

    • Current views and thoughts on the tattoo industry

    My perspective on the tattoo industry is shaped by the ongoing challenges faced by color tattoo artists, both in Korea and worldwide. Despite the evolving nature of tattoos and their appeal to a more progressive audience, there persists a bias towards traditional black and gray styles. This narrow definition of tattooing overlooks the vibrant, diverse, and meaningful contributions of colorful and bold designs. It’s crucial for the industry to reassess its perception of tattoo artistry and recognize that every tattoo, whether in color or black and gray, carries profound personal significance. Each piece represents a choice and a permanent expression of individual identity, etched into the skin with the utmost care and artistry.

    Moreover, the rising popularity of cute, colorful mini tattoos underscores the enduring power of body art to preserve cherished memories and moments. As we challenge outdated notions and embrace the full spectrum of tattoo styles, we enrich the tapestry of human expression and celebrate the unique stories inscribed on every canvas.

    • International activities as a tattoo artist?

    In the realm of international tattoo artistry, my works have been fortunate enough to catch the attention of several renowned studios across the globe. Last year, I had the privilege of sharing my artistry and insights as a master tattoo artist at Yant Studio in New York, one of the most widely-recognized studios in the city. Being invited by them was a significant milestone, as they typically reserve invitations for artists known for their expertise and mastery of the craft. I felt deeply honored by this recognition, as it underscored my standing in the industry and provided a valuable platform to share knowledge with aspiring artists.

    Participating in this event allowed me to showcase my mastery of the craft and share my artistic vision with fellow professionals and enthusiasts. It was a profoundly validating experience to receive acknowledgment from such prestigious organizations and contribute to the global advancement of tattoo artistry.

    • Do you have plans for overseas activities?

    In broadening my scope within the tattoo world, I recently curated an exhibition in New York solely dedicated to tattoos, all under my name. The experience was immensely gratifying, showcasing not only my tattoo artistry but also my deeper commitment to the craft. Looking ahead, I am dedicated to exploring further opportunities within the tattoo industry on a global scale, actively seeking new avenues to express my creativity and advance the art form.

    • Plans for the New Year’s activities?

    Naturally, my primary focus is to delve deeper into my passion for tattooing. Expanding my artistic repertoire, I aim to diversify my style to accommodate a wide range of clients and projects. Moreover, I’m excited to embark on new ventures such as exhibitions, seminars, videos, merchandise, and other initiatives to further elevate my profile as a respected tattoo artist on a global scale.


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