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  • Introduce Your Child to Musical Instruments in 2022

    Published on January 28, 2022

    Learning to play a musical instrument can help your child set a new year resolution and at the same time give them an opportunity to grow

    New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults, a new year can bring new excitement and opportunities to grow for kids, too. They can learn to focus on healthy habits and set new goals. Goal setting is an important part of any child’s development as it teaches them how to be responsible. They learn to make commitments and how to follow through with such commitments. Setting a New Year’s resolution is a prime example of setting an important goal, and it’s best to start this habit from a young age.

    Learning musical activities are more than just a fun exercise; it also helps the child grow holistically and be better prepared for all aspects. For parents, it gives them a perfect opportunity to engage with their children and spend more time this year by setting aside time for co-learning & co-enjoying playing the musical instruments. Give your child a Casio mini keyboard, which is available in the SA-76, SA-77 and SA-78 variants (49 keys), it can be your child’s new playmate this season and help them grow with fun and learning. It is also an ideal instrument to begin your child’s music education and gives a perfect opportunity for you to spend some more time with them. Casio mini is technically well equipped for early music education with features such as 100 tones, 50 rhythms, rhythm pads for drum sounds etc. so that kids can develop a life-long hobby which stimulates creativity, concentration, confidence and is easily accessible. With 10 in-built children’s songs, kids will have fun playing tunes popular among their age-group. The ultra-compact design with a pop of colour makes this keyboard easy to hold and adds to its cuteness quotient.

    All in all, the Casio mini keyboard combines fun, learning and will keep your child occupied thereby reducing their screen time on the mobile/ laptop.

    Priced at INR 3,995/- only


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