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    IPL Is Back and So Are the Predictions

    Published on October 27, 2020

    The year 2020 has been hit by unfortunate circumstances that impacted life all over the world. IPL was also affected. This was heart-breaking for cricket fans, but now the wait is over. Yes, IPL is finally underway and the excitement is building up with every passing match. As the playoffs continue to be played, the points table continues to fluctuate with one team leading one day and another taking over the next. This keeps their fans guessing every day and they wonder who will win today

    The cricket fans carry out their research about the teams, the players, the grounds, the pitch and all the other factors that matter and make their predictions. The predictions could be just to cheer their team and enjoy the excitement of the game with every wicket and boundary. It could also be to wager money on their favourite team’s win or loss. Whether you predict to win or to have fun, the following is likely to be useful.

    The Prediction Heads

    The predictions related to the game are not limited to the winner or loser of the match. They can also predict the result of the toss, the performance of the players, aspects related to scoring runs, taking wickets and much more. Some of the results that they can predict and bet on, on different websites are as below:

    1. The Winner of the Toss

    This can have only two possible results, which are available even before the teams start playing.

    1. The Winner of the Match

    A bet with three possible outcomes, this requires you to wait for the finish, sometimes a nail-biting one.

    1. Race to 10 Runs

    This is the player to make the fastest 10 runs. The possible predictions are many and the results can be unexpected.

    1. Maximum Wicket-Taker for the Match

    The fans need to predict who will take the maximum wickets in a particular match.

    1. Winner of the Purple Cap

    After every match, the purple cap is passed on to the player taking the maximum number of wickets at every stage. The final outcome of this bet is revealed at the end of the tournament and is rewarded to the highest wicket taker of the tournament.

    1. Maximum Run-Scorer for the Match

    The fans need to predict who will score the maximum runs in a particular match.

    1. Winner of the Orange Cap

    Similar to the purple cap, the orange cap reward is given to the maximum run-scoring player at the end of the tournament.

    1. Most Match Sixes

    The fans need to predict which player will hit the maximum sixes during the match. They must wait until the end of the match to know the result.

    1. Man of the Match

    The result is available at the end of the match.

    1. Man of the Tournament

    One must wait for the final match for this result.

    These are only a few of the bets that can be placed. There are many more. What bets you get to place will depend on the website you choose.

    How Can the Fans Benefit by Predicting?

    If you are predicting to win a bet, there is nothing better than doing it online. There are no spectators for the match this time and everyone is watching the match on the screen. You can make the most of this opportunity by going to an online betting website and maybe make a handsome amount of money while you are at it. By betting on the different outcomes, you can benefit if you win the bet. How much you win will depend on the odds at which you had placed the wager. Even if you don’t bet or don’t win the bet, the ups and downs of the match are enough to build excitement.

    How Can You Know the Odds?

    The game of betting is all about odds. If you know the odds of winning a bet, you can know the probability of the event occurring. It also tells you how much you can win if your prediction comes true. Each website has its own odds regarding a particular match, but if you want a comprehensive understanding, you can look at the odds posted by all websites on a common platform such as cricket-betting.in.

    How to Choose the Right Website?

    The choice of the website for cricket betting is a personal one but is based on some common factors such as the reputation, trustworthiness, payment and withdrawal methods, welcome rewards and legality of the website. Some players choose to register with more than one website as well and get double the fun from betting on a match from each of them. There are several websites that you can choose from. You can get detailed information about them through links available on this cricket-betting website.

    What Information Is Needed for Cricket Betting?

    If you are planning to bet on the game of cricket, you must at least have a basic understanding of the game, the formats and the rules. For more serious betting, knowledge about players, their strengths and weaknesses, their form and their team composition are required. Getting to the more detailed knowledge, you should have an understanding of what factors can impact the performance of a team in a match. You must place your bet after careful analysis of these factors. If you keep up with detailed statistics of the game, you could have an edge over the others.

    What After IPL?

    Once IPL is over and you have made your fortunes, there will be other tournaments to look forward to. You can bet on international games in different formats – test matches, ODIs and T20s. You can also look forward to exciting women’s cricket.

    Cricket is a season that never gets over. This year, it was put on hold for some time, but this will not last. Soon, there will be a stream of games that will be played giving ample opportunity for the fans to watch it live and also to bet on.