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  • IPRS partners with the Hornbill Music Festival 2022 as the Knowledge Partner

    Published on December 13, 2022

    New Delhi : As an extension of its efforts to educate and empower those behind the music through knowledge and know-how, The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) associated with the Hornbill Music Festival, this year as the Knowledge Partner. The festival provided the much-needed podium for the IPRS to connect with independent artists and music creators from the Northeast. 

    Music from the Northeast has created ripples across the country and beyond. What is also evident is that, despite the popularity of the music from this region, very few are aware of music copyright and how Collective Management Organisations like the IPRS, representing composers, authors, and publishers in India, can support creators to garner their rightful royalties and credit.

    With several initiatives engineered for the benefit of the music creators, it was natural for the IPRS that an ideal platform like the Hornbill Music Festival, orchestrated by the Government of Nagaland, would be put to great use for supporting the budding talent and promising creators.

    As part of the association, IPRS conducted an exclusive knowledge workshop sharing know-how on copyright, music royalties, the importance of metadata, and the latest trends shaping the careers and creativity of music makers. 

    Credit is also due to the organisers of the festival. Speaking about the festival and IPRS, Mr. Theja Meru, Advisor TaFMA, said, “The Hornbill Festival, known as the ‘Festivals of Festivals’, is a proper representation of the rich and diverse Naga ethnicity through folk dances, traditional music, local cuisine, handicraft, art workshops, etc. The ten-day event is a melting pot of music and gala performances by artists and bands from the Northeast and different parts of the country and globe. While the musicians kept us enthralled through their music, our collaboration with IPRS was a return gift to them. IPRS’s participation at the festival was a great way to add value to all those creating music through knowledge, helping them make the most of their creative ability.”

    Mayur Puri noted lyricist, screenwriter, filmmaker, and IPRS Board Member, said, “We are thrilled to be present at the Hornbill Music Festival in Kohima and interact with music creators and independent musicians from the state and surrounding regions. IPRS conducted an exclusive workshop for music creators and budding artists at the festival on topics related to Music Copyright, Royalties, and Managing Rights in the Digital Era. An extension of the Learn & Earn Initiative launched by IPRS earlier this year, the workshop by IPRS is an attempt to reach out to authors, composers, and publishers beyond metros and support the promising talent from across the country to help them make the most of their creative ability. With a rich cultural heritage, music is the elixir of entertainment in the northeast. However, music creators and promising talent from the region have limited awareness of matters that impact their creation and earnings. IPRS partnering with festivals like Hornbill Music Festival is an ideal catalyst to connect and raise this much-needed awareness on music copyright to help music makers earn their rightful dues and credit. IPRS is grateful for this opportunity to lend a helping hand to music creators, encouraging creativity.”

    Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS added: “It can be averred that the musical talent in India is widespread with every region offering a veritable aural bonanza. It was amazing to see the surge in independent artists/creators with their unique repertoire, over the past couple of years, as rapid digitalisation opened a plethora of opportunities for deserving talent. As the music grew from various corners, IPRS backpacked to interact and educate the creators about managing their rights, which many are ignorant about. I take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the Hornbill Music Festival, Govt. of Nagaland, and particularly Mr. Theja Meru, Advisor TaFMA, for being our guiding light at the festival, supporting our larger cause, and introducing us to some of the most incredible talent and bands performing at the festival.”


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