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    Iqbal Singh- A man with mission to empower Entrepreneurship with his venture WAF Entrepreneurs.

    Published on April 9, 2021

    We live is a digital world. From a small pen to any complex machine you can get it easily within few clicks. Nowadays there is no need to push or drag yourself out, simply go on Internet, put up your requirement and ta da!! You have many options right in front of you. No matter where are you, you can get products from just anywhere in the world. Looking at this scenario many business have decided to go online. Online increases the business opportunities by manifolds. It increases the reach and now business is not restricted to any particular area.

    Iqbal Singh is one of such personality who has understood the mechanism of online business. Now, he is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs so that they can yield positive results. Even during the hard times when the whole nation was on lockdown, he has not diverted. He has been conducting various workshops where he is inspiring young minds and imparting fruitful knowledge to them. He is the founder of WAF, providing mentorship and guidance to young minds. The firm was established in 2013 and since then it has changed many lives. “I want to improve quality of entrepreneurship among our young Indians as they are real future of our country.

    ”Ever since he was young he knew what his goal was. He wasn’t into those regular professions. Iqbal had plans of building his own empire instead of working for someone else 9 to 5. He has now became the talk of the town where several news media outlets are rushing to interview him about his success mantra. He has taken his venture WAF Entrepreneurs to new heights and has guided his venture WAF Entrepreneurs into a stable company that has successfully collaborated with Global companies and helped them expand their business globally. Moreover, entrepreneurs are now shifting straight to online platform. They may or may not have physical presence, but they surely understand the real importance of online world. They have exclusive online set-ups through websites. Here they display their products or services and attract customers through various social media platform. These are the people who truly understand the power of digital world. There are also business tycoons who are confused as how to deal with their physical and online presence. They require special services from digital experts.