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  • Iris Global Delivers 4,000 Dell Latitude Laptops for Partner’s Banking Client Backend Integration

    Published on March 25, 2022

    India’s Most Preferred IT Distribution Company – Iris Global Services, that has recently been awarded as the  “Doyen of Indian IT Distribution” has supplied it’s Mumbai Partner “ Plutus Ventures ” with over 4,000 Dell Latitude Computing Devices.

    Plutus Venture, has been an Iris Global valued partner since a decade.
    They are an end to end system integrators having started their journey with
    Iris Global with Lenovo Laptops and quickly adding other OEMs in their portfolio.

    Plutus Ventures has pan India distribution strength with their principal offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. The company having a strong business hold in the BFSI – Banking Finance Service Industry and IT-IES sectors.
    Plutus Venture expects to close the present fiscal over Rs 250 crores.

    Speaking to newsman, Mr Vivek Jain, MD, Plutus Ventures said –“ Iris Global, has been an integral part of our growth journey. They supplied us close to Rs 10 Crore worth of Dell Latitude Laptops for one of our Banking Client integration project. Owing to their strong technology backed distribution prowess they ensured timely supplies over 3 to 4 month during the peak of Covid, when the whole industry
    was grappling for inventory supplies.

    “They kept us informed all through about the product availability and delivered no sooner the devices arrived from the OEM. These devices were installed for the Banking Clients backend operations”
    Mr Jain added.

    Replying to a volley of questions Mr Jain said “ Iris’s personal touch goes
    beyond the transaction. Be it determining a 10 Crore credit exposure for a Partner or delivering. Iris was quick in response & friendly, their higher management’s interaction on accessing background checks and to get the order loaded, made us very comfortable “

    Iris Global has been “The Distributor of Choice”. Partners prefer Iris to get their orders loaded quickly 24x7x365. Channel & Associates prefer Iris for their quick response, delivering on time, transparent and friendly service.
    Iris’s help comes in a big way; they are able to structure partner’s deal,
    perfectly end to end. Welcome new partners, with their invincible personal touch they help complete supplies promptly and efficiently.

    “Plutus Venture have a strong presence in financial sectors. Iris’s logistic & services are always ready to help them to make quick & efficient deliveries for their prestigious projects. We are expecting another 500 to 1,000 laptop order before this fiscal end “

    said Ms Kamini Talwar, Director – Iris Global Services.


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