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  • Thursday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:19:07
  • India’s Most Preferred IT Distribution Company – Iris Global Services,has recently supplied Cogent eServices one of the premier call center service provider that services customers like Cars24, Karchar, Kent RO amongst many others.

    Cogent is a leader in domestic call center service provider that help in providing making turnkey infrastructures for call centers, pan India.

    To connect service providers ISPs to the call center software, a gateway is needed.

    Iris supplied Sangoma Gateways to connect their ISPs to their Call Center software.

    Speaking to newsman – Mr Manoj Sharma, Product Manager said “Iris has supplied 20 Gateways for a value of 20 Lacs to Cogent. This makes the total count of 50 Sangoma Gateways which are presently running”

    He said that the BoQ is over 32 Lacs which includes other Support & MMS Services While Iris is also handling their running and maintenance for the same on a different revenue channel.

    “Customers are choosing Sangoma Vega Gateways for their reliability. They run year on year basis bringing good ROI. Many Gateways are running over 10 years. With Sangoma products,
    Iris sees a new business opportunity”
    said Ms Neena Vats,VP, Iris Global Services.


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