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  • Is Dima Hasao a place of punishment posting for officials?

    Published on July 11, 2019

    By  Anup Biswas


    Haflong  : Dima Hasao should not be considered as the place of punishment posting or dumping ground of corrupt or inefficient official opined the conscious citizens of Dima Hasao.  Unfortunately a section of media turned the Dima Hasao as ‘banabas’ (exile) in the matter of Govt officials’ transfer, which has drawn strong criticism from all sections of people of the society in the district.


    Dima Hasao the only hill district of the state has been considered as the Switzerland of the east from its beauty and bounty and off course the colorful reach culture and traditions of its several ethnic groups living in the district. Now this is a District which is considered to be the most peaceful and termed as the a ‘Island of peace’ was not properly devolved because of step motherly attitude of the concerned authority be it in Dispur or in New Delhi though it has tremendous potentialities to be a natural hub.


    To add more, lack of full-fledged officers in most of the departments in the district is also prime cause of the deterrent of the development in the district. It is seen that due to lack of full-fledged officers many officer are having two to three more charges and it is obvious, a man with so many posts cannot discharge his duties properly thereby total non-functional of the department resulting public harassment.

    There has been miss-propaganda that people are not willing to serve here in Dima Hasao as all the departments are under the administrative control of N C Hills Autonomous Council but there are many instances that people are serving here for more than twenty years and never want to leave this place even after transferred and some other adopt several pleas and means for not to be transferred from this district even managing against several public complains.


    For example one Dr Jadav Gogoi, Vety Officer, Manager, Govt Pig Cum Poultry Farm Haflong who joined in the district of Dima Hasao in 2001 and also reportedly CBI charge sheeted has been holding the post of Additional Director, A H & Vety in charge by superseding two senior most officials which is total violation of departmental norms.


    On the other hand, one full-fledged officer who is posted in the month of October 2018 as the Executive Engineer, PHE, Umrangso has won the hearts of the people as well as the staffs by his honest approaches. The Umrangso PHE which was earlier in a dying stage but now gained its life again. As of now perhaps the Umrangso PHE department has become one of the most active and popular department in the area for its quick response and activeness.

    But, now it is seen that the change is going on in full swing, none can stop the development of the district by mere terming the Dima  Hasao a place of punishment posting for official or ‘Banabas’. Therefore, conscious citizens of the district have appealed the Assam Government not to consider this beautiful district as the place of punishment posting anymore rather it should be considered as the reward posting for good official.

    They also appealed to the Government of India as well as Government of Assam to appoint officials having integrity and efficiency to this district and avoid the posting of tainted officials in the name of punishment posting.