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  • Sport-betting has been in full force in many countries. Aside from the opportunity to make more money while enjoying your favorite game, there’s the ease of online betting and the convenience of online payment. But this sport-loving adventure is not legal in some countries due to economic and ethical issues. In this article, we explore the legality of football betting in Germany. We look at the industry, the rules, and the German betting sites.

    Online football gambling in Germany

    Online gambling has been outlawed in Germany until now. Before July 1, 2021, it was illegal to host a gaming site and impossible to place bets. The government banned online sports betting for private providers so that no private businesses could build a betting platform. This was due to some ethical and economic developments. Although the authority didn’t really enforce the law regarding this, the German law was clear.

    Today, sports’ betting is embraced in Germany. Private organizations can host online betting and place bets on their favorite sports, including football. The ban was lifted on July 1, 2021, after the State Treaty on Gambling was signed. Although bets are censored and closely monitored by authorities, bettors still freely place bets online by visiting betting in Germany www.mightytips.com to learn more about betting sites in Germany.

    Betting in Germany: the rules and regulations

    The difficulty in the German market for football betting stemmed from the legal situation that surrounded the domestic and foreign providers of betting platforms. In a bid to protect domestic markets, Germany legislated against foreign investors.

    The previous State Treaty on gaming tagged the GlüStV posed significant obstacles for the gaming industry. The treaty has so far been replaced by the new law, which is the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag. Consequently, the new law has replaced the old to allow for football betting in Germany. So, is football betting legal in Germany? The answer is yes.

    Where to play football betting in Germany

    There are several football betting sites in Germany where you can place your bets. If you’re not comfortable with online betting, you can try physical shops. Most betting shops, however, are subject to police scrutiny and betting tax in Germany. To check out any betting site of your choice, you can consult Kate Richardson here, a football expert who has been following German football trends for many years.

    If you’re asking, ‘what is the odd in betting the match between Germany and South Korea’ or just any odds between Germany and other countries, you can learn more by checking out online betting sites. Different sites come with different odds. You can either assess the sites yourself or follow tips and tricks from football experts, such as Kate Richardson.

    How to play football betting in Germany

    Whether you’re an experienced football bettor or you’re just starting, it’s still reasonable to learn how to place football bets in Germany. Doing this can clear any doubts and confusion you have about the markets. Also, it helps you to place a wager on what you know about.

    Odds among betting sites in Germany maintain the same calculation method. Bookmakers set them, and they represent the ratio between what you stake and your expected winnings. Most betting sites in Germany display their odds in decimal (2.00). However, odds can also be fractional (2/1).

    Aside from odds and match bet (the simple bet where you predict the result of a match), some of the terms you need to know are bet builders, player statistics, Asian handicap bet, European handicap, halftime/fulltime, and double chance. There are others like accumulators, correct score, draw no bet, and over and under betting.

    All of the terms mentioned above are called markets. An average betting site in Germany has over 20 football betting markets you can choose from to play your bet. Markets can also be called betting categories from which you can choose to place a bet on an event. An event is a single bet option.

    Why should you place a bet on football?

    Football is inarguably the most popular sport in Germany. Hundreds of people play football at home, in school, and even during national ceremonies. One of the most significant leagues in the world, the Bundesliga, is in Germany. The most popular sports teams, such as Bayern München and Dortmund, are also in Germany.

    The German national team is one of the most successful teams at the world cup. The country has won the World Cup four times. German player, Miroslav Klose, is at present the all-time goalscorer at FIFA world cup tournaments. He has scored a record of 16 goals in all competitions he’s involved in, surpassing another German goalscorer, Gerd Müller.

    Aside from the popularity of football in Germany, other factors influence sports and football betting. If you bet on the right platforms, you get better odds to make extra cool cash. There’s also the ease of gambling online. Some betting sites’ interfaces are so good you hardly have navigation issues. Furthermore, betting provides you with entertainment value.


    Betting in Germany was outlawed until recently. Despite boasting the best league and teams in the world, Germans had been betting behind closed doors, through several forms of betting tax in Germany, until the ban was lifted in July.

    Today, football betting is legal. Although you might still be monitored, there are several football betting sites in Germany where you can place your bets, enjoy entertainment value, and make more money.


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