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  • Is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth More Than You’re Being Told?

    Published on April 9, 2020

    Thousands upon thousands of people are injured in Canada every single year through no fault of their own. Whether it’s bad conditions in a factory, a wet floor somewhere, or perhaps even an automobile accident, someone who gets injured through someone else’s negligence is a victim, pure and simple, and is entitled by law to a settlement. These settlements usually encompass payments that are theoretically for medical bills and pain and suffering. Though with the right lawyer, you could be looking at a much larger payday that’s life-changing.

    However, the real issue in going about this process without a lawyer, or even with a personal injury lawyer that isn’t one of the best in the area, means that you could end up settling for peanuts. The fact of the matter is that your personal injury claim probably is worth more than you’re being led to believe; in fact, it could be worth quite a lot more. This is why it’s essential that you find the right sort of representation to assist you during this process. Here are some reasons that you may have a stronger claim than you initially realized.

    Reasons You Might Have a Stronger Claim Than You Think

    Insurance Companies Are Greedy

    Insurance companies exist by charging people fees for insurance and keeping a lot more of that money than they payout. This means, in a nutshell, that they definitely do not want to payout. Every single penny paid out by an insurance company is one that they’re not profiting from, so they cling onto that money very tightly. So the insurance investigator who visits you might say your claim is only worth X amount, when it’s worth a whole lot more because they do not want to part with the money unless they feel forced to do so.

    They Realize They’re Liable

    Another reason that your claim might be worth more than you’re being told is that the insurance company realizes that you’re owed a lot of money, but are hopeful that you’d be willing to settle when they initially toss a number in your face. They’re more than willing to eat a small loss rather than a big one, and this is how you can tell if your claim is worth more. If they contact you trying to offer you a sum, that means you have a winning case and can get a whole lot more for your accident. A personal injury lawyer is a perfect partner to help see you through this.

    They Understand People

    We have to be perfectly honest here. Insurance companies have the human condition pretty much figured out, which is why they’re able to profit so much and stay in business. They know exactly what you want for an accident claim. You want your bills paid, and you want a bit of money left over to spend. And so this is what they’ll offer you, when they do offer you something, because they know that the majority of people are going to accept the money, no questions asked, for fear of the opportunity passing them by. Well, just keep in mind that the opportunity is not going to pass you by. Get an attorney and get leverage, and that offer actually increases as time goes by.

    They’re Busy

    Insurance companies are also dealing with tons of these claims. They deal with insurance claims like a cable company deals with customer support calls, one right after the other. There are likely thousands of claims in front of any insurance company right now, and so their goal is to cycle through them as quickly and as cheaply as possible. The quicker they get rid of them, and the less money they can spend on them, the better. So, again, these are instances where they try to quickly get rid of you, which is a signal your claim is worth more.

    If your claim is worth nothing at all, nothing is what they’ll offer. So any time they’re willing to pay, this means they can pay more. All it takes is the right lawyer to get the amount you deserve for your accident, so consider visiting the helpful website of www.edwardsinjurylaw.com