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ISRO Scientist appreciates SPACE India’s EduOdyssey

 Chennai  – EduOdyssey: Chandrayaan-3 & Beyond, a spellbinding journey and a captivating educational venture facilitated by SPACE India in collaboration with Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, Chennai. This event marked an educational and an interesting interaction with Ms. G. Usha, Senior Scientist, URSC, ISRO, adding a profound layer of expertise and curiosity.

“This event stands as a testament to innovative education, and I deeply appreciate the collective efforts of SPACE India and Chennai Public School in making it possible. EduOdyssey is a creative and interactive educational venture that every student should experience. Such initiatives contribute significantly to our economy and humanity as a whole. I am genuinely thankful to be part of this event and urge you to extend this brilliance to more schools”.

~Ms. G. Usha, Senior Scientist, URSC, ISRO

Delving into the territories of Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) remarkable achievement, Chandrayaan-3’s EduOdyssey turned out to be a beacon of knowledge. Discussions encompassed Chandrayaan-3’s soft landing, Vikram Lander’s capabilities, engine automation, and Aditya L-1’s launch, enlightening participants with groundbreaking insights.

The distinguished presence of Ms. G. Usha added a sparkling luminance to the event. The chief guest indulged in an engaging Fireside Chat with Mr. Neeraj Ladia, the CEO of SPACE Arcade (A venture of SPACE Group) and Ms. Chitrakala Ramachandran (Principal, Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, Chennai) contributed immensely to its success. The chief guest’s gracious involvement extended to addressing students’ queries about Chandrayaan-3 and other ISRO endeavors, enhancing the interactive experience.

Beyond the discourse on Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L-1, EduOdyssey provided a sneak peek into ISRO’s ambitious future endeavors in space exploration. Participants were privileged to preview upcoming missions, including Gaganyaan, India’s pioneering human spaceflight mission. A captivating Astronomy showcase by SPACE India acted as the most impactful climax, leaving attendees awestruck and inspired.

“Usha Ma’am’s session was enlightening and inspiring. Her journey, from a scientist to a key player in Chandrayaan-3, resonated deeply with our students, igniting their curiosity”.

~Mr. Neeraj Ladia, the CEO of SPACE Arcade (SPACE India)

“EduOdyssey exceeded our expectations, offering profound insights into space science. Events like these play a vital role in raising awareness about astronomy, contributing significantly to our country’s progress”.

~Ms. Chitrakala Ramachandran (Principal, Chennai Public School, Thirumazhisai, Chennai)

In a heartfelt conversation with SPACE India’s Outreach team, Ms. G. Usha passionately discussed the immense scope of space science in the Indian education system. She emphasized the transformative impact of integrating space science into elementary education, envisioning a positive future for today’s students that will pave the way for great career options in the space sector. She exclaimed that Institutions like SPACE India are the wonders that are paving the way for this transformative journey.

The collaborative efforts of SPACE India and Chennai Public School have left an indelible mark on young minds, nurturing a passion for exploration and knowledge that will undoubtedly shape the future of our nation.

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