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  • “It is time to give makeup artists their deserved due,” says ace makeup artist Tripti Malhotra

    Published on February 17, 2022

    The beauty influencer and celebrity makeup artist believes that the entertainment industry hardly has given deserved attention and recognition to makeup artists.

    Since the last few years, out of the many industries that have been on a growth spree, a few creative and artistic sectors like music, entertainment, and makeup have been booming and how. Though there are umpteen factors that have led to their expansive growth, one cannot deny the fact that so many immensely talented beings in the same help bring the industry to the forefront. Let’s talk about the makeup industry today. This particular space is rocked by incredibly passionate and talented beings, but do they get the attention and recognition from people in and outside the industry is the question here. This is what ace celebrity makeup artist Tripti Malhotra is also intrigued to know about.

    Celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer Tripti Malhotra feels that it is high time the entertainment field gives the deserved accolades and attention to makeup artists, who have proved to be great contributors to the industry’s overall growth and success. “Everyone in the industry talk about how a particular artist fared well in a project, or how a musician took over the stage or show, or how well a choreographer performed, but how many times have we heard about people complimenting or recognizing the work of makeup artists,” asks Tripti Malhotra, who has had her sweet journey to success and who did all on her own.

    Tripti Malhotra is known for being this uniquely talented professional in the industry, who learned and honed her skills, under-known artists, like Goar Avetisyan from Dubai and Zuhra Sullieva from Russia for hairstyles. She highlights not all have got the chance to prove their mettle in the industry, and for that, the industry needs to be more welcoming and considerate towards them. Talking on the same, she says, “People need to grow trust for choosing the right makeup artist for them. It is a huge responsibility and takes a lot of creative and artistic vision. Hence, people must choose makeup artists, who can fulfil their requirements, while also surprising them with the unique makeup skills that can turn them into the beauty they wish to be.” She can’t emphasize how essential it is for the entertainment space to give makeup artists their due in the form of respect, and recognition, which they truly deserve.

    Over the years, Tripti Malhotra has become a sought-after name in the industry, which has allowed her to work along with celebrities in Bollywood and Pollywood and earn a mammoth of other clients. Recently honoured with the “Wedding Sutra Influencer Awards 2021,” Tripti Malhotra (@triptimalhotraofficial) has set a firm foot in the industry and wants to go upwards and onwards from here.


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